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The Risk of DIY Moving

Are you not moving with professional packers and movers in Delhi? Do you want to shift your house by yourself? Of course, you can do that but before you start planning for a DIY household move in Delhi, you must know the right approach to do it.

When should you do it yourself? What types of risks are involved in a self-move? What problems you can face during home shifting in Delhi? You must think about all these things and plan your DIY household move accordingly.

Can You Move Your House by Yourself?

Yes, you can move your house by yourself but only when: –

  • It’s a local house shifting in Delhi
  • Moving with fewer stuff
  • You are experienced in packing and moving stuff
  • You have friends and relatives to help you with loading unloading

A DIY move can be challenging until you are experienced. If you have no prior experience in house shifting then it is good to relocate with professional movers and packers in Delhi. They are the professionals, who can help you pack your household stuff and move them to the desired location without any damage. Instead of worrying about the safety of your possessions, you will be enjoying your move.

And if you still wanted to do it yourself then it is important to learn about the problems you may face during the home shifting in Delhi. When you will know about the major risks of DIY moving and how to deal with them, you will experience a safe and hassle-free relocation.

Major Risks of ‘Do It Yourself’ Move

Risk of Damaging Goods

What do you know about residential shifting? For most people home relocation is all about packing the goods and moving them to the desired address, isn’t it? Yes, this is a major task involved in a house shifting procedure, but the most important part is doing it correctly without damaging your goods.

When you do it yourself, chances are higher you will damage your belongings. You may not know the right way to handle the glass top of a dining table, how to pack a lampshade, etc. Due to a lack of knowledge and experience, you can damage your valuable goods. This is the reason everyone invests in professional household transportation services in Delhi.

Injuring Yourself

One of the major risks of a DIY household move is injuring yourself and your family. Yes, you read it right. You may injure yourself while handling bulky items like TV, furniture, cupboard, etc. You will have to be extra protective while handling goods.

You can ask your friends for help because you cannot lift and load heavier items alone. You will need some helping hands to do this. Apart from getting helping hands: –

  • Use the right lifting techniques while lifting heavy items
  • Keep your pathways obstacle-free and clean
  • Ensure children and pets are not around you when you are lifting and moving heavier items
  • And most importantly use durable boxes and seal them with packing tape so that goods will not spill out from the bottom

Your safety should be your priority when moving home by yourself. Just follow the basic rules and take preventive measures to keep yourself safe from injuries. Also, you can rent moving tools and equipment to make your moving task easier.

Spending Too Much Money

You must be not hiring because of their packers and movers charges. But thinking DIY move is cheaper than moving with professional movers and packers is a big mistake that people often make. Local shifting in Delhi can be a chaotic and challenging task for those who have decided on a DIY move because it is a series of tasks. From arranging packing supplies to booking truck rental services in Delhi and packing their belongings, the relocator will be responsible for everything. And all these may increase the moving cost. There’s a possibility you will end up unexpectedly paying surplus charges. Hence, it is advisable to book packing and moving services in Delhi. With this, you can save a lot of expenses like packaging materials cost, truck rental charges, etc. Also, you can use some good tips to save money when moving.

You May Run Out of Time

Without even realizing it, you can create this problem for yourself. We human beings have a tendency to procrastinate things. And doing so during the DIY house shifting process can put you in big problems. Yet many people do such things. You may not realize it in the beginning, but when you will be left with no time you will know what you have done. You must think about it practically and get organized for the move as soon as possible.

We have talked about the major risks of a DIY move. If you will prepare well for your move then you won’t face these problems in your way. And whether it’s a local shifting in Delhi or an interstate move, if you are not experienced we suggest going only with professional packers and movers in Delhi for a hassle-free household shifting in Delhi.


We hope this will help you to make your DIY household move a whole lot easier and smoother for you. Do not forget to share your moving experience with us in the comment section below.

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