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What Are the Best Vinyl Wall Art Decals For the Living Room?

Have you ever strolled into your living room and thought to yourself, “I’m bored.” Not with life, but with the look of your living room? Perhaps you took a glance around and noticed your bare walls, color scheme, or old images on the wall and thought it was all a little drab. Don’t be concerned. This isn’t a life or death situation. This is quite normal, and we’re here to assist you with vinyl wall art

Do you prefer to hear the good or bad news first? Let’s start with the bad news since the good news will be here in a minute! The bad news is that you’ve grown tired of your living room’s decor. It’s hurting your mood as well.

Perhaps you no longer like spending time in the living room, which is a serious concern because it is where you and your family spend the MOST time. There is a television in the room. And, let’s face it, there’s only so long you can hide in the kitchen. There are no sofas, but there are munchies. And what good is a well-deserved snack if you have to devour it like an animal over the sink?

So, let’s get down to business. The good news is that we have a simple answer to your living room décor problems. Are you prepared to face it? Wall decals made of vinyl. There are a plethora of living room wall decal designs to choose from! So, let’s speak about design elements and some specific living room ideas.

Wall Decal Ideas for Your Living Room

Isn’t your living room where you spend most of your time when you’re at home? We won’t count your bedroom because you’re not in there for the majority of the time. So, of all the rooms in your house, the living room receives the most use while you’re awake… That is why it is critical that your living space becomes your haven. From quiet feelings to lively, vibrant designs, your living room décor should make you feel rested after a long day, improve your mood, and give the energy you’re searching for.

To make things simple, we’ve grouped a few living room airplane window view wall decal ideas by mood or theme—how do you want your living room to feel? Bright and eclectic? Are you seeking out something calm and relaxing? We’ve put together a few examples to help you pick and get creative with our removable wall decals.

Calm, Neutral Wall Decals

Try one of our peaceful, neutral decorative wall stickers if you’re seeking wall decals that can be matched to practically any décor. These lovely wall decals, large and tiny, will completely alter empty walls while also blending nicely with your current furnishings. Let’s look at a few instances, shall we?

“White Peonies” Wall Decals

Fill your vinyl wall art with the complexities of spring, with each peony in various stages of bloom. These white blossoms are guaranteed to make an impression. You can dress up or down your living area with the White Peonies decal collection. To obtain whatever aesthetic makes your heart blossom, layer leaves, and flowers or arrange them across your living space.

“Bohemian Palms” Wall Decals

Do you get a sense of the gentle breeze? When you apply one of our best-selling wall decals, you will! Imagine the rustle of palm fronds in the thick canopy above, sheltering blooming orchids on the forest floor below. Create an oasis in your living space with the Bohemian Palms decal pack. There are fifty-two standalone decals loaded with orchids and palm foliage that combine in perfect harmony to provide all you need for a tropical retreat.

Funky & Colorful Wall Decals

To aid with your room design, we’ve chosen a few of our favorite wall decorations in various sizes to add a dash of fun and color to your living room décor! These wall décor ideas will infuse your living area with life and will instantly improve your spirits with some wall quotes

“Irregular Dot” Wall Decals

Our Irregular Dot decals are a dream come true when it comes to installation! These little beauties have the ability to immediately spruce up your living environment without requiring a lot of effort. Simply peel…and stick! Because the dots aren’t perfectly spaced, the spacing doesn’t have to be exact (unless you want it to be). On that topic, the dots are rather simple to peel off and reinstall!

Do you want a piece of advice? If you have any wall defects, the Irregular Dot decal collection is appropriate. Simply determine how tight or loose you want the spacing between each dot to be to erase all those scratches and dings in an instant.

“Geo Pattern” Wall Decals

While we don’t know if the 1990s ever truly disappeared, we do know that they are making a comeback! You may embrace those oh-so-subtle, funky-fresh ’90s feelings with our Geo Pattern decal kit. There are 50 strong forms in each box, including triangles, squiggly lines, circles, and more. 

The airplane window view decal with Geo Pattern collection, which comes in 28 colors, clusters the decals on one sheet, allowing you to cut around each sticker, spacing and putting each form exactly where you want it!

“Mud Pattern” Wall Decals

This Mudcloth Pattern, inspired by Mali, is the first of three decal packs meant to bring culture into any room with entertaining, easy-to-apply patterns. This decal is pre-arranged and properly aligned, making even the most difficult designs simple to apply. Although the decal may be arranged as printed, each part of the pattern is a standalone decal that needs to be positioned and hung separately—but this, of course, means you have greater control over your unique Mud design and can space the pattern to match the precise size of your wall!

Get Your Wall Decals Online With VWAQ

Are you ready to select a decal pack and begin the installation process? We had hoped you’d be here! It’s a breeze to apply your new vinyl wall decals with wall quotes. In our quick decal installation tutorial video, we show you just how simple it is! Let’s work together to make your living space a better place.

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