The Offensive Capabilities of the Indian defence Forces

“Do not lament the death of a warrior killed in the battlefield as those who sacrifice  their lives in the war are honoured in heaven.” – Indian Army. The title of a “legend” is best suitable for soldiers who shed their blood in the battlefield to protect the nation.  The brave Indian men and women in the Indian defence forces stay away from their family and endanger their lives so you can be with your family and friends safely. The Indian defence forces hold a total of 1.4 million active personnel and 11.55 lakh reserved personnel along with 20 lakh paramilitary forces. 

The Indian defence forces have always countered every enemy attack gallantly. These forces have three diversifications: The Indian Navy, Indian Army and Indian Air force. There are umpteen number of youngsters who aim to join the Indian defence forces and serve their motherland. They can choose to appear for the NDA exam. If anyone feels the need of astounding guidance while preparing for the exam, they can connect with the most esteemable institute that delivers the Best NDA coaching in Chandigarh.

Some armed weapons of the Indian Defence forces are stated below:

As we all know that in today’s world, wars are fought with the help of weapons and not with hands. The Defence forces of India are blessed with the best combating weapons. Moreover, they continuously improve these weapons technically to enhance their operational efficiency.

  • Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher

The Defense Research and Development Organization has developed this multi-barrel rocket launcher. It is an area firearm system to adjunct the existing cannonry gun that ranges beyond 30 kms. The Mark-1 system of multi-barrel rocket launcher can set target upto 40 kms and Mark-2 can set target upto 75 kms. 

It can fire 12 highly explosive rockets in just 44 seconds. Pinaka had contributed during the Kargil war and was able to target the position of the enemy on the mountain top. Approximately 5000 missiles are being manufactured every year since 2014. 

  • BrahMos (Supersonic cruise missile)

BrahMos is India’s menacing missile. It attacks at the highest speed of 4,900 km/hr. From here, we can conclude that BrahMos can attack at a speed around 2.8 times faster than sound. In the coming 10 years, Brahmos will be equipped with a technical engine of hypersonic capability. Also, it can cross the speed of 7 Mac. The best thing for India is that neither China, USA nor Pakistan hold more destructive missiles than BrahMos. 

  • Arjuna Tank

This is the Main Battle tank. It got its name from leading hero of epic Mahabharata i.e. Arjun. This tank hit targets as accurately as Arjun. This tank is of the third generation in the Indian Army. Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) produced the Arjuna Tank. The engine of 1400 horsepower is the main source of strength for the Arjuna tank. It has a maximum speed of 67 km/hr, it can operate at the speed of 40 km/hr on the unbalanced routes. This tank has been active  since 2009. At present, India has around 250 Arjuna tanks (Unofficial). 

The defence forces of India have the best main battle tanks to deter the lethal attacks. These armed weapons have enhanced the operational efficiency of the nation. Do you want to be a part of the Defence forces and serve the nation? If yes, you can join the Indian Defence forces by qualifying the CDS exam. In case you feel the need of perfect training while preparing for the exam, link with the leading institute that offers excellent CDS coaching classes in Chandigarh. 

  • Prithvi Missile

Prithvi Missile is an Indian product that is efficient at carrying a nuclear bomb. It is a surface to surface ballistic missile. It can easily hit the target upto 350 kilometers. This missile has the attribute of duping any anti-ballistic missile. India can easily target the entire Lahore from the location of Jammu and Kashmir with the help of Prithvi Missile. 

  • Artillery

India procured around 145, Howitzer M-777 artillery/canons from the United States of America. The bonus point of the artillery is its lightweight, this attribute of artillery makes it easy to uplift it on the hilly areas to counterattack properly. 

The Howitzer carries a 39 calibre barrel. The muzzle velocity of Howitzer is 827 m/s. The M777 can fire upto the range of 24.7 km with standard rounds. The weight of M777 is around 3800 kg. A helicopter, aircraft and ship can easily lift the M777.

  • Nuclear Triad Capability

India is on the 6th position for having the capacity of Nuclear Triad. With the help of this capacity, India can easily launch massive nuclear attacks from water, land and air. This has made India capable of fighting any enemy attack. India has not only upgraded itself in armed weapons, but also nuclear and chemical weapons. 

The three forces of the defence i.e. The Indian Air force, Army and Navy use the nuclear capability to combat enemy attack. The enhanced combatting capability of the Indian defence forces has encouraged youngsters to join them and get the opportunity to serve their motherland. Many of them yearn to join the Indian Air forces. All they need to do is crack the AFCAT exam. If anyone seeks splendid mentoring while preparing for the exam, they can approach the most prestigious Best AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh.


From the above facts, we can deduce that India is emerging as the most powerful country in the defence sector. Like always, India is efficient in protecting its sovereignty and freedom without assistance of any other country.

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