How To Start Preparing For PTE Exam

Candidates appearing for the PTE exam often get confused about how to prepare for the PTE exam and what procedure or system to follow to score best marks. PTE is an English Proficiency test given by the candidates migrating to countries where English is considered a native language. 

While preparing for the PTE exam, you must follow a systematic pattern that will help you score good marks in the exam. In this blog, I will be listing a few steps to follow to start your preparation for the PTE exam. 

If required to visit any PTE coaching classes for getting in-depth information about this exam and how you can score good marks in the exam. Let us dive-in in the steps and see how to start your preparation for the PTE exam. 

  1. Know Everything About The Test format

  • Before starting the preparation for any exam, it becomes essential for us to know the exam’s test format. Not knowing the test format and doing preparation without any goal or knowledge about that exam makes no sense because you won’t be able to score your desired marks. 
  • Know about the test format, which sections are included in the format and how much time you will solve those questions. 
  • PTE Includes four sections: Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening 
  1. Finalize On Whether To Join PTE Coaching Classes Or Not

  • Once you know the test format, it becomes easy for you to decide if you want to join any PTE academic training center or prepare yourself. Many candidates prefer coaching as PTE coaching classes offer proper study material, mock tests and practice sessions. 
  • It is  your choice if you want to join any PTE coaching class or not. If you are confident enough to prepare for the exam on your own, it is ok not to take any coaching classes. 
  1. Analyze Your strengths And Weaknesses 

  • Once you decide whether you want to join any coaching classes or not, analyze the aspects that can be your strengths and weaknesses in this exam. This will help you capitalize on your strengths for scoring good marks and work on your weaknesses. 
  • When you know what your weaknesses are, you get an opportunity to work on them for scoring better marks in the exam. This step will increase your chances of scoring good marks.
  1. Look For An Authentic Study Material 

  • After knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you will require a study material for practicing and understanding how and what type of questions will be asked in the exam. Make sure you prepare from authentic study material if you require help from anyone who has taken this exam. In the past or consult any reputed PTE coaching classes and take their help for the study material. 
  • If you don’t practice from appropriate study material, there are chances that your hard work. Might go in vain, and we don’t want that to happen. There are even coaching classes which will offer you free PTE study material. 
  1. Mock Test

  •  Don’t forget to give mock tests as these are the only way to analyze. How much you are prepared for the exam. Mock tests make you experience a real test-like situation. 
  • This helps you know what areas you have to work more on and allows you to implement different tricks. To know if those tricks are helping you score more marks. 
  • This helps you know what areas you have to work more on and allows you to implement different tricks to know if those tricks are helping you score more marks.


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