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The Best Spiritual Mentorship Training Program

Many clients are interested to learn how to evolve their level of spiritual to achieve enlightenment or ascension.

Like anything else, one’s daily habits greatly impact how one can involve spiritual. For example, if your daily habit is one of embracing stress, feeling anxious, following negative thought patterns, the vibration of your spiritual will naturally stay low.

An hour or two long class of yoga, qi gong, and other spiritual-based movements can be helpful, but what is truly more helpful is to re-set your spiritual to a higher vibration as you move through the day.

This is why in previous articles I emphasize the idea of taking 3-5 minutes every hour to perform meditation and other activities that set our brain waves to higher states.

Why You Need Spiritual Mentor?

I often compare the spiritual mentor habits we form in two ways. Imagine a person who is disconnected from God all week long, then goes to church only on Sunday to re-connect. Is this beneficial? Somewhat.

Now imagine a person who every day, each hour, engages in some form of thoughts, meditation, or activity that puts them directly in touch with the essence of God-with love and with positive thoughts. Clearly, there is an increased benefit.

Oftentimes, the habits we develop in terms of our communication style play a role in our ability to ascend our spiritual to higher vibrations and attract like-minded individuals and other forms of prosperity into our lives.

Back in the day, when I worked as a consultant for an email management company, part of my job was coaching corporate clients about how to build relationships through email. The CEO of one company commented, “You know it may sound weird, but I can actually feel the vibrancy of your spiritual in your emails…and it makes me want to do more business with your company.”

Are You Looking For Spiritual Mentorship Training Program?

How did I achieve that level of spiritual mentorship program communication via email?

For one thing, I create an abundance of time by making time to respond in depth to people. This is something we can all do.

After all, people who tend to write one short line as a response to something shared in-depth, indirectly communicate that they lack the abundance of time and qi (energy) life force to engage people more deeply.

So, their emails come off cold, distant, and perhaps withholding at times. Think about what type of energy such a person might attract into their lives as a result of this communicative style-lower vibration energy, people aligned with drama, debt, and lack of abundance.

As you move through weekend and week, observe and notice how often you are communicating in a style that reflects the deeper and higher vibrations of your spiritual mentorship training, for certainly as we express the potential of our spiritual in our interactions with others, that expression amplifies our vibration so that what we share is not only transformative for ourselves but for others.

Also notice the times when you are communicating with brevity, with a muffler on the vibration of your spiritual.

We are all capable, no matter how busy our lives are, of creating a positive flow of connectivity that is truly transformative and elevating on every level imaginable.

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