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10 reasons why swimming is the perfect sport

Jumping into the pool is changing from one state to another. Swimming of Lifeguard Requirements hides a fascinating formula between action and inaction: you put your body in motion while you pause the rest of your life. To immerse yourself, you have to leave the cell phone outside and, therefore, the world aside, and that makes it a respite for the mind. It is almost a meditation because it connects you with you and because the coordination of so many muscles force you to think only about the flow of your body. Your physical health also benefits: the water relaxes, relieves contractures and improves circulation.

Among the sports that you can choose from in the city, they say that swimming is the perfect activity, and the truth is that it has many benefits. We tell you which are the main ones:

For the body

  • Low impact on bones and joints. The buoyancy allows physical activity without the impact caused by the pavement on the body. Hydrotherapy is ideal for rehabilitating spinal injuries or problems.
  • Burn calories. Depending on the intensity of the exercise, between 500 and 600 calories can be burned in one hour of activity. Swimming is recommended to accompany weight loss treatments.
  • More elasticity and elongation in the muscles. When you swim, a large number of muscles are involved in both the upper and lower body and the core. If you manage to do a relaxed swim, with good breathing, your muscles will achieve great elasticity and flexibility.
  • Cardiorespiratory benefits. Swimming improves blood circulation throughout the body. The horizontal position favors venous return from the extremities to the heart, which lowers blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol levels and increases good cholesterol. Together, this reduces the risk of heart disease. In turn, it helps control blood glucose levels.

For the mind

  • Down with stress. Swimming helps oxygenate the brain at a molecular level, which improves the balance of neurotransmitters that influence mood and also hormones responsible for stress, thus alleviating symptoms of depression.
  • Greater cognitive evolution and learning. Swimming simultaneously activates the two cerebral hemispheres and the four lobes of the brain, which leads to better cognitive abilities. In addition, it improves memory, due to the increase in blood flow to the cerebral arteries.
  • More connection with you, with what happens to you. Swimming is a type of meditation. When you get into the water, your body enters a new state, with a different temperature and in an environment outside the routine. The pool forces you to leave the screens outside, and with them your connection with the world. The repetition of an exercise and your concentration on it make you enter a state of cerebral silence that is almost like a meditation in motion.

Emotional benefits

  • Perspective. The movement serves to go find what you want. “Fleeing soldier is good for another war”: if you need to distance yourself from someone and leave a toxic emotional climate, putting your body in motion can be a good kick to manage your emotions later.
  • Autoeroticism. Swimming with Lifeguard Requirements can provide autoerotic pleasure through stimulation of an erogenous zone. In the repetition of mechanical movements, you can find a type of pleasure that is known as “passive”, and it is the same that you feel when you are on a roller coaster, if you jump with a parachute, rafting or in a hammock.
  • Active pleasure and valuation. The control and management of your body change the perception of yourself and improve your relationship with yourself and with the world. Exercising the physical gives, us a feeling of power and sufficiency that is pleasant and comforting. If you are experiencing a duel or a crisis, swimming can reduce your feeling of helplessness and counteract that of psychic lack of control.

Top 5 pools

  • Nunez Megathon (Liberator 8000).
  • Gymnastics and Fencing Club of Buenos Aires (GEBA).
  • Dehua Palace, in the Hyatt hotel facilities.
  • River Plate Athletic Club.
  • Ocampo Training Club, in the Costa Salguero complex (Av. Costner R. Obliged 1221).


The medical check-ups that you have to do if you want to start swimming rigorously are:

  • An electrocardiogram.
  • An echocardiogram.
  • A clinical assessment from your doctor.

If your doctor considers it necessary due to some personal or health characteristic, he can add more studies.



Swimming is a recommended exercise for people of all ages. It is an activity that takes care of our bodies, but also and by extension our minds. Compared to other sports, such as running, it has the advantage of being much less harmful and involving more muscles at work.

From a psychological point of view, it is an oasis for everyday problems and associated anxiety. At the same time, it allows the development of very positive values, such as perseverance and tenacity.

On the other hand, the physical benefits of swimming are limitless. Overall, it’s a pretty complete sport, fantastic for cardiovascular training, endurance and toning. In addition, it is an ideal activity for those recovering from an injury or for those who suffer from joint pain.

Surely, you must know that swimming is the only sport that is recommended in more than 80% of medical cases and has a large target audience, accessible from children to the elderly. In fact, studies confirm that swimming helps against many diseases, as it creates a state of physical and psychological comfort.

Furthermore, research supports the fact that, through its qualities, water exerts a strong tonic effect on the nervous system. For this reason, water activities are generally recommended for people suffering from mental disorders.

As we have already said, swimming has the extraordinary power to strengthen our health. However, do you know the psychological benefits of swimming? We present to you below:

Reduce stress

First, swimming can reduce stress equal to or greater than other physical exercise. It is a very relaxing activity that allows a greater flow of oxygen to the muscles, forcing you to regulate your own breathing.

Additionally, swimming can help promote the growth of new brain cells in parts of the brain that lose them due to chronic stress. Therefore, it is an activity that can positively influence your ability to manage and deal with stress.

Provides energy

In general, you feel tired after playing most sports. However, swimming is unique in this regard. In fact, experts recommend swimming in the morning to start your day on the right foot. This will give you more energy to face the day with the best sensations.

Strengthens your self-esteem

Swimming is full-body physical training, so it really allows you to burn excess fat and tone your muscles. This, in turn, increases your self-confidence and self-esteem. The domino effect occurs: to feel better about yourself, your mood naturally improves!

Increase brain power

Cardiovascular training makes oxygenated blood pump more effectively. The greater the blood flow, the more oxygen the brain receives. In other words; the better your brain works, the better the body will react.

Through swimming, you will feel how everyday tasks are easier to perform, as well as observe how your concentration levels increase.


The last of the psychological benefits of swimming that we present to you is its antidepressant effect. Despite being an individual sport, classes are usually in a group. These provide a social experience for the participants. In turn, completing the ongoing challenges offered by swimming provides a sense of accomplishment. Swimming causes the release of endorphins and neurotransmitters such as serotonin.

Finally, swimming is a unique form of exercise as it allows you to reap the benefits of aerobic, anaerobic and resistance training without taking a heavy toll on bones and muscles. So what are you waiting for to start doing your first lengths?

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