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The 10 Best Webinar Platforms

Webinars are ubiquitous in today’s time & age. Especially since the COVID pandemic took hold across the world, webinars have become the preferred way for organizations & companies around the globe to launch products, train new employees, spread any information out to legions of people around the world, & for multiple promotional purposes.

Infact, webinars have become such an integral part of most businesses’ marketing strategies that there has been a steady rise in the number of webinar platforms out there.

Each webinar platform claims to provide the best of services to their users, including audience engagement features, webinar marketing features, the latest audio-video technology to keep attendees hooked, & unlimited hosting & recording options.

And while almost all of the webinar platforms available today provide these services in more or less the same degrees, some webinar platforms are understandably better than others.

In this article, we bring to you the top 10 best webinar platforms you should absolutely consider for hosting your webinar in 2021!

1. Mixhubb

Mixhubb is a new-age, innovative, interactive webinar platform that provides the users with more power to design their webinar just the way they want.

From customized booth & auditorium designs, to multi-stage management options, branded lobby designs, & an immersive, interactive environment, Mixhubb provides you with everything you need to create & design a seamless, engaging, immersive, & highly interactive webinar.

With easy-to-setup intuitive backend, post-webinar in-depth attendee analytics, & scalability options, Mixhubb offers the best value for your money by helping you create & design outstanding interactive webinars.

It is also a secure webinar platform, with ISO 27001 certification & GDPR compliance.

Simply visit their website, choose the one subscription plan that suits your needs & requirements the best, & get ready to design your webinar your own way!

2. LiveStorm

The LiveStorm is another webinar platform that is just perfect for product demos, sales demos, & promotional activities.

LiveStorm also works on any browser without the restrictions of the device used, & attendees can join your webinar through their mobile phones, PCs, tablets, etc.

LiveStorm also provides on-demand & automated webinars that work best for employee training, employee onboarding, & product showcase purposes.

The LiveStorm also provides automated email logistics to you to help market your webinar to the right audience.

LiveStorm is very secure & is GDPR compliant, & provides interactive attendee engagement features like live polling, Q&As, & an upvote feature during webinar sessions.

All you have to do is visit their website, pick out a pricing plan that suits your needs the best, & get set on your way to designing your webinar, your own way!

3. Demio

The Demio is another webinar platform on this list that comes with a ‘no-downloads’ tag, & is also useful for marketing your webinar.

Demio also delivers aesthetically pleasing, high-quality webinars with exceptional video & audio technology.

Its top features include live & automated webinars, replays, registrations, landing pages, etc.

Demio also provides advanced webinar setup, 24×7 chat & email support, unlimited webinars, storage for upto 100 recordings, & efficient analytics.

Simply visit their website, pick out the pricing package that suits your needs & requirements the best, & get going with your webinar!

4. WebinarJam

WebinarJam is the perfect webinar platform for you if you have little to no technical knowledge of hosting webinars.

It’s easy-to-use, & allows users to stream the webinar directly to YouTube, as well as provides a secure, password-protected meeting with your target audience.

It also provides the option to show pop-ups to your audience during the webinar sessions, allowing them to make a purchase right then and there.

WebinarJam also offers an efficient two-way communication & advanced live chat options to facilitate effective 1:1 communication between attendees and organizers.

WebinarJam also automatically records every webinar session in HD so that you can utilize the videos later on as part of your post-webinar content rollout strategy.

Just visit their website, pick out the pricing plan that best suits your needs, & get set go with your webinar.

5. WebinarNinja

Webinar is an impactful, technologically advanced, & all-in-one solution that helps businesses plan webinars with easy-to-use interface, out-of-the-box thank you, & sign-up pages, that help you create a webinar in under one minute.

Its key features include instant live chats, instant screen sharing, timed offer display during the webinars, email automation & drip campaigns, high-conversion custom-landing pages, high-end analytics dashboards, & integrations with a 1000+ apps including Zapier.

Simply visit their website & pick out the best-suited plan from their pricing plans to get ready to design your webinar with them.

6. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar helps you focus on the actual reason you’re hosting webinars, gaining potential leads & customer engagement.

All you have to do with GoToWebinar is just select the date on which you wish to host the webinar, & the webinar platform takes care of the rest of the task.

It also provides you with interactive features like flexible scheduling & entire event management features to improve your overall webinar experience.

It also provides users with easy-to-use built-in webinar templates that help provide a complete business-like environment to the webinar attendees.

Just go to their website, & pick out the best suited pricing plans for your needs to get going with your webinar.

7. LiveWebinar

LiveWebinar is a cloud based webinar platform that helps you host impactful, technologically driven webinars.

It lets users share screens, stream live videos, record your screen, broadcast to social media, & more.

You can easily host webinars with upto 1000 participants with LiveWebinar.

Your attendees can join & connect with webinars directly from browsers like Chrome, Mac OS, Safari, Firefox, etc. without downloading or installing any additional applications.

You can also embed the webinars directly into your website & display these to your website visitors.

LiveWebinar also gives you email, phone, & text message functionality to spread the word about your webinar to your contacts & other useful attendees.

With LiveWebinar, you can also record the entire webinar or some parts of the webinar in HD to use for later.

Its primary integrations include MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, FreshMail, Slack, etc.

Simply visit their website & choose from the best pricing plans available for you.

8. EverWebinar

EverWebinar is a great webinar platform that allows you to create impactful, interactive webinars in just under 3 minutes.

Its top-billed features include fully automated customer-activity email connections, the option to keep users in the loop at all times, & automatic recording of webinars for future use as post-webinar content rollout strategy.

With EverWebinar, you can also get your performance statistics in real-time even as the webinar is underway.

It also provides users an advanced scheduling system that helps to block out any unavailable dates.

Users also get to enjoy unlimited free hosting via reliable & secure cloud-based servers.

9. MyOwnConference

MyOwnConference is a webinar platform that helps you connect & engage with your audience both before & after the webinar, as well as during the webinar.

It allows you to record your webinars in full HD & send those to attendees to help spread the word out about your webinar.

Other features include screen sharing & video conferencing options, instant messaging capabilities during webinars, no download requirement, the option to share videos directly to YouTube, online quizzes for attendees during webinars, white label solutions for both agencies & brands, & multi language support for upto 16 languages.

Just visit their website & choose from the pricing plan that suits you best.

10. EasyWebinar

EverWebinar is an efficient webinar platform that manages to successfully integrate webinar technology with marketing strategy.

It is also an all-in-one solution for live as well as automated webinars.

EasyWebinar also offers lots of other features including multi-presenter options, email software integration, shopping carts, & lead generation tools.

It also includes screen sharing options, HD video, interactive live chats, unlimited live views using YouTube live integration, WordPress integration, built-in analytics suite, & integration with popular email marketing tools like MailChimp, GetResponse, etc.

Just visit their website & choose the pricing plan that suits your needs & requirements the best.

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