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Succeesful Real Estate Lead Generation Is In The Doing

In stating the obvious, in order to get real estate leads you must participate in real estate lead generation. In fact, you must do a lot of it. You can’t do it today, a few hours next week or month. It must be done daily.

Yes, you can get some leads if you are inconsistent. But to be a true real estate professional, living a successful career as a top-earning agent, you need to do real estate lead generation every single day; for the rest of your career. This is non-negotiable. OK?

It Must Be A Priority

Lead generation must be a priority. In fact you must subscribe to the belief that dealing with business never takes preference over finding business. Doing lead generation everyday must come first before anything else gets done. If you don’t adopt this mantra you’ll allow other things to affect your day and this activity will become insignificant and most likely will not get done. If you are casual about it, then you will suffer casualties in your business.


The Challenge

The biggest challenge most agents face is not doing some lead generation but doing it consistently. It’s the one stumbling block that knocks most agents out of the ball park. It’s the critical daily activity that the successful agents adopt and those leaving the industry failed not to do.

Time Blocking

You will need to allocate time to doing this daily activity. It’s like making an appointment with yourself; one that can’t be broken. You will face many temptations, usually coming from the unsuccessful agents in your office. Offers to have a long lunch or slip out for coffee are fine but if they impede into your dedicated time of generating real estate leads, then you must say “no”.

Time blocking is not easy. It takes some discipline. But before you get hung up about the word discipline, let me explain that what I mean is doing a task consistently. To me that is discipline. Nobody is fully disciplined. They maybe in some areas of their life but in others it may very well be chaotic. Being disciplined to me is being consistent.

What Do Successful Real Estate Agents Time Block?

Why do you work the long hours and put in the hard yards in your real estate career? Most agents would answer to provide a better existence for themselves and their family. Family for a lot of people comes first.
And so therefore when you start your year, take out your calendar or diary and time block out your holidays for the year. By doing this you prove to yourself and family that they are a priority. This includes not only the long trips away but schedule in a few mid week breaks or long four day weekends. These short breaks help you recharge and keep you going through the daily grind of real estate lead generation.

Secondly you must allocate daily time to actually generating leads. I would suggest doing this in both a diary and on either a wall or desk calendar. It depends on your discipline to some degree, but one thing I hear from real estate agents who falter on carrying out their daily activities is that they fail to open their diary. A wall calendar is visual and what the eye sees, the mind will do LeadConversion.

Lead generation needs to be a minimum of an hour a day. Successful agents tend to do this task up to three hours a day. And finally you must time block an hour per week to plan for the coming week’s schedule. Planning is crucial. You can’t leave anything to chance.


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