6 Points To Take Note Of When Getting A Solar Panel

We all hope to be better consumers of the Earth. Thankfully, the options to mitigate environmental problems have increased for the past few years. Concrete actions and ways are now available and are somewhat accessible for the majority. These better consumption innovations such as solar power are now optimised and used by many. 

Solar energy has been making noise and led people to start using it over the past years. Installation and purchase of solar panels have reportedly decreased. It even encouraged people who are capable to convert and start their journey on better energy consumption. Also, this sudden shift and news trigger people’s curiosity and questions as to how efficient solar panels are. 

Since investing and shifting to solar energy is still considered costly for the majority, it is important to understand certain factors and points before deciding to purchase one right away. Here are important points to take note of if you’ve been planning to buy solar panels for quite some time now.

1. Each solar panel is designed for a specific roof and layout

If you’ve already seen a building installed with solar panels, you might think that they are just box-shaped panels that are installed instantly. However, each solar panel is designed and made for a specific roof size. They are custom-made for each client and are installed with specific measurements. 

This is an important aspect of solar panel installation because its positioning determines the amount of energy that it can collect. With the right size and positioning, energy can be utilised and collected properly for energy consumption.

2. Solar panels are hard to relocate

Since every panel installed is custom-made regardless if it is commercial solar or for residential use, it can be hard for it to be relocated. Typically, it is not recommended for the panels to be relocated. This is because the roof where you’d like it to be reinstalled may not be compatible with your existing panels.

One exception might be if you are to move to an area where your roof receives enough sunlight. If the roof size of the new area is identical to your old one, there’s a possibility that you can relocate them. 

3. You’ll need an inverter for your energy to be utilised

One of the top concerns of the majority about solar energy is that it they think it cannot power certain appliances. Most especially ones that require high kilowatts. However, that connotation is wrong. Energy collected by solar panels is as powerful as the electricity that we use. 

In fact, solar energy can even power an entire city. Are you wondering how? There is an inverter that does the magic. Enphase solar is an inverter that is mostly used in commercial solar panels and residential areas. It converts the energy collected by the solar panels into alternating currents. 

This process enables owners to power any type of appliance and equipment in their homes. Solar energy does exactly what regular electricity does. With Enphase solar, you can also manage and control the energy that is collected by your panels. With inverters, you are assured that you make the most out of your investment for better energy consumption.

4. Solar panels work as long as there is daylight

Solar panels can collect energy as long as there is daylight. Regardless if it’s winter or summer. As long as there is daylight, there is energy. However, there are certain exceptions. For example, during winter, if a block of snow is trapped and covers your panels, expect the possibility that no energy was stored.

Developments have been done over the years to improve how solar panels collect and store energy. These improvements now allow owners to store energy for nighttime use, with the help of third-party equipment. However, keep in mind that solar panels still have a limitation. Note that during nighttime, no energy can be collected, unless you have stored energy for consumption at night. 

5. It is not cheap and be prepared for a huge chunk of expenses

There’s a saying that good things do not come easy. The same applies to committing to better energy consumption. Even though rates of panels has tremendously decreased for the last few years, their rates are still not for everyone. It is a fact that solar panels come with a great cost.

The panels, installation, inverter, and maintenance are no piece of cake. However, the amount that you are to spend on all of these truly outpowers the costs of electricity bills for years. You can only have to cash out one big chunk of money instead of small amounts paid monthly (but when combined, equates to an enormous amount). 

We hope for the day to come when solar panels are affordable for everyone to join and mitigate climate change. But for now, there’s a big price to pay to start our journey to better energy use and consumption. 

6. It is a valuable investment

Properties that are installed with solar panels are considered of high value. In the real estate market they are considered a great investment because as we know, solar panels are expensive. But, since their lifespan and efficiency last up to 30 years maximum, they truly are gems when sold. 

You’re not only being a better user of the environment but as well as saving money from fluctuating electricity costs. If you ever decide to sell your property, you’ll likely get the amount that you spent for the panels, or even potentially higher. 

Commit to your investment if you plan to start now

If you made up your mind and plan to convert to clean energy, commit to it. It may be hard in the first few months, especially if you are still gauging how to utilise and maximise it. Be sure to know the basics and how to maintain the condition of the panels.

It would be such as waste if you purchase some panels and still choose to continue using fossil-fueled electricity. Keep in mind that change may be uncomfortable at the start, but it is also a long term choice for us to reap its benefits. Congratulations on your decision to be a better energy consumer!

About the author: 

Bianca Banda is a writer for Penrith Solar Centre, an Australian solar company that advocates better energy resources to improve the quality of life on Earth. She is a massive lover of Japanese cuisine and enjoys binge-watching comedies or variety shows.

Bianca Banda

Bianca Banda is an ardent writer, aiming to share helpful information and ideas effectively and engagingly.

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