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“What’s the best auto loan out there?” This is the eternal question of every car owner. And it doesn’t get any easier than this: There are many different answers. You can choose a secured best auto loan or an unsecured one. You can choose a fixed interest rate or an adjustable one.

Why choose a loan that locks in at an interest rate

I’m always tempted to go with the fixed rate. After all, why choose a loan that locks in at an interest rate for the entire term? After all, wouldn’t it be better to lock in at a lower rate for the first few years, and then start enjoying a higher interest? The problem with this is that it’s rarely worth it. And here’s why:

best auto loan

Getting a great interest rate doesn’t just mean getting a great interest rate on your current mortgage. It also means getting a great auto loan rate on your next new car purchase, period. That is because an excellent credit score can save you thousands or more of dollars over your lifetime on your new car purchase. This means more cash in your pocket, that you can use to accomplish your financial goals (especially Deck out your new car with some really cool additions).

Bad credit scores

Bad credit scores occur for many reasons. The biggest reason is leasing. Auto lease buyouts involve very high-interest rates. These interest rates are due to the fact that the finance company owns the vehicle you are leasing, so they want to make as much money as they can off of you.

best auto loan

Many lenders charge outrageously low-interest rates for financing a vehicle through their dealership network. One reason this happens is that the dealer marks up the interest rates they sell you to make a profit.


How do you get pre-approved at the best rate? Get pre-approved at several different dealerships. Once you have several quotes from different dealerships, you can then work out which dealership offers you the best rate. Then, simply ask the dealership if they’ll approve you for financing at their dealership network. Most will.

How to work with your credit union

If the dealership won’t approve you, try another place. The next best thing would be to work with your credit union. A lot of people think they can negotiate their way out of paying back their car loan by agreeing to the lowest interest rate, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the credit unions will approve you if you offer to pay off a small portion of the loan in return for a lump sum payment once the loan is closed. Or, you might be able to get pre-approved for a car loan through the car dealership, but the dealer will approve, ask the credit union if they can help.


Even though you have different lenders, keep an eye on your credit history. Be sure you’re able to show different lenders that you have the income to pay back the loans. If you have a solid record of paying bills on time and not defaulting on loans, you should have no problem getting for good, lower interest rates.

How to setting up collateral

Collateral isn’t simply any object that you can put up for a loan, but rather a promise to repay the debt if you can’t or don’t. Most loans require at least some sort of collateral, usually equity from your home or a savings account. If you’ve been paying back loans on time and have a decent minimum credit score requirement, you should be able to qualify for the minimum amounts offered by different lenders. While having collateral may increase your risk because other lenders can sue you for not repaying loans, by making lower payments and avoiding late payments, you’ll make your debt more manageable.

best auto loan

There’s a way to fix your credit score and make sure that you get better rates: work on increasing your FICO score. Each year, credit bureaus do a credit score review. That evaluates your past debt and your ability to make payments on time. Having a higher FICO score will help lenders determine whether to approve you or not. Because of this, it’s important to always work on raising your credit score and accepted loans and other things that you want.


Shopping for car dealership loan offers on your own is also an option. However, if you’re like most consumers today, you’d rather deal with a licensed lender that specializes in car dealership financing. Working with a LendingTree, you can find the best car dealership cash loan offers. A Lending Tree works independently of dozens of different lenders. You can be sure that you’re getting only the best interest rate quotes. In addition, LendingTree memberships allow consumers to quickly receive their credit reports. You can monitor their credit score and make any necessary changes as needed.

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