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Post 4th of July Roundup

Check out my Guest Post at MizFit: Post 4th of July Roundup  Food Glorious Food

From the Fitness Health Network this week

were quite a few good articles in my opinion. Check them out:

  • Did you know that One Pound of Fat = 3500 Calories? Journal of Healthy Living explains calorie deficits in relation to weight loss goals.
  • Lazy Man and Health is looking into Hotel Friendly Food and not hotel food so much as food you can take on the road with you.
  • FatManUnleashed is having a little contest this week. If you like Smoothie King you have until Wednesday the 9th of July to respond with a comment about the Smoothie King Chain or products. Post 4th of July Roundup
  • Walking 45 Minutes – The Ups And Downs by NCN is an interesting look at the mental state of a fellow blogger. Do you feel this way when exercising? How about in other areas of your life- like going to work?
  • Drinking Water Only: A Month-Long Experiment in Self-Discipline by Get Fit Slowly is about habit breaking. Can you kick the sugar, caffeine, and alcohol addiction?

Now for the rest of blogosphere:

  • Nutrition Fitness Life presents Yoga Revisisted. Are you looking for a change of pace from the high intensity exercises? Yoga might just be for you.
  • MizFitOnline brings us a great interview with Tues Tip: Rocco style; from the personal trainer Rocco Castellano.
  • How do you fight cravings? In Break Me off a Piece… at Weight Down, Money Up explores options such as moderation and learning to just say no. Who knew that simple phrase could do more than protect you from drugs?
  • Andrew posts this week on Lessons learned: Exercise is not a dirty word. It really isn’t, but if you don’t believe me this is an excellent post to read.
  • After my own scare with dehydration it’s imperative to remember to Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Sheamus informs readers that being 2% short on the fluids your body needs can result in a 10-20% loss in your body’s performance for exercise.
Post 4th of July Roundup
Post 4th of July Roundup
  • Deflabbify brings us the killer hidden cost of weight-loss programs this week and for those who are looking to join a program might just think twice.
  • As it is summer I thought this post from Fit36 was a great read: The Challenges of Living Healthy While on Vacation. What do you and your family do?
  • Thinking to Thin brings us Baked Beef Ziti in Recipe Thursday and more… for only 5pts.
  • In June Recap Laura from Pursuit of Healthyness examines her routine and life style changes for healthier living. Can you give her any tips?

On the hundred pushup front.

.. I was unable to complete the 3rd day of the 3rd week… I sputtered out at 22 on the final set that was supposed to be 27+.

Why you ask? I am still working why…

I think it was a combination of sore muscles from exercise and a vigorous massage I received on vacation? Post 4th of July Roundup

I was concentrating on the form and I could tell that I was have a harder time with the day’s pushups… So I will be repeating week 3 next week.

  Read More ; getloadedinthepark

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