Parallels the Pokemon world and the natural world

As a mother, seeing my son completely immersed in Pokemon, I can’t help but think of the story and the world in which Pokemon can live. I was a big avatar fan but in a sense, I was disappointed in that picture, as well as the fact that most of the alien creatures resembled those found on Earth.

Of course, Pokemon creatures draw their characteristics from animals already on Earth and some legends. But that, as far as a story goes in terms of the relationship between Trainer and Pokemon it’s almost the same. The main feature of Pokemon is its ability to fight on the field – what kind of special ability it has and how effective it is against special opponents.

For all the genetics and science fiction surrounding Pokemon

Therefore, the real root of the phenomenon comes back to the excitement of forcing animals against animals and betting wages on them. Of course, I’m not saying kids gamble on Pokemon. I’m just saying that this kind of thrill keeps Pokemon interested and excited.

While a Pokemon’s exterior may be interesting (and of course has merchandising value), Pokemon’s aficionados primarily interest in the Pokemon type and what it can do; What power it has, and how strong or effective that power is against the opponent. Pokemon is a war game, not really a coherent story, although it marks as such.

This is probably the only area where Pokemon has failed (although someone is seriously hesitant to look at Pokemon sales and see ‘failure’). Not to mention a well-known animated series and movie, ‘manga’ or comics, among the spinoffs, of course. Because they are more commonly known.

Both media have worked well around the world, but only among kids

There is not enough story or enough reality in these animated stories to capture the imagination of an adult. They are shallow and simple, and I guess the only reason kids attract to them is because of their fascination with mythology.

 There is no complication in the world of Pokemon. Just a kind of masculine blend – in classic Japanese fashion – with a strong element of beauty and affection. The premise is that a Pokemon is not really an animal with which to make noise, but the reality is that the relationship between Pokemon and humans is much more complex.

This is seen in the very lucrative waves of Pokemon products that are sold with each new version. Now we are in the era of Pokemon Black and White and what is being sold under that label is running like a hotcake. Notably, stuffed toys (Pokemon plush toys), Pokemon dolls, and Pokemon card for sale games, especially for boys, are especially popular for all ages. Although black and white cards are becoming more common now, they are still there.

Pokemon’s popularity

In his heart, Pokemon is a computer game, but one can forgive for not knowing because Pokemon is truly a cultural event. While the rest of us are not involved in the Pokemon world. One can easily guess that it is an animated movie.  Television series featuring Pokemon Plus toys (stuffed toys). Pokemon Tommy figures, and very popular trade card games.

The latest frenzy in the Pokemon merchandising world is the so-called Pokemon Black and White product. Anything like Pokemon Black & White is desirable at the moment and sometimes Pokemon products can get high prices in the market. The latest film is also based on the Pokemon Black and White story.

Seeing this, one would think that the scriptwriters are discovering the trends. developments of the ongoing Pokemon story, but in fact. It is an upgrade of the game that determines the direction of all other media. In fact, if one watches a Pokemon video closely. One can quickly understand that the script is just a way to figure out the story and basis of a computer game. This is the game presented in the animation.

It seems strange that a game like Pokemon

Which is not at all different from some games like Dragon Ball or even Mario. Will create such a huge popularity in the field of videos and toys. Dragon Ball admits that there is a similar following. But most of its merchandise limit to Japan where Pokemon has gone worldwide. To dedicated fans of all ages (wonderful gamers and collectors in their 20s). So what’s different about Pokemon and what’s the reason for its success?

This is certainly not a game. At first glance, there was little to distinguish Pokemon from other games at the time. Although it was always a popular and difficult choice. Even today, with all its bells and whistles. The Pokemon game doesn’t really rise above the rest in terms of popularity. The only conclusion to make is that it’s the foundation that makes it so much fun.

Modified animals, with endless diversity and engaged in warfare are both medieval and futuristic at the same time. The Pokemon world is a timeless world – it is contemporary, ancient, and future. If Pokemon had been a strange monster, it would never have gained popularity. But with the constant generation of new interesting creatures with exotic looks and amazing abilities. Pokemon has gained a deep place in the imagination of youth. And that’s what keeps Pokemon popular.

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