What Makes Online Live Dealer Games Different?

The rise of live dealer games has been phenomenal, and there are now no online casinos worth their salt that does not have a wide selection of live dealer games. This is where the player is able to be sat at the same table as the dealer and other players in real, live time. It has been a rise that mirrors the increased demand by gamers and gamblers alike for more interaction, more immersion, and more reality.

There are a number of factors that make for very different live dealer games, and these have been detailed and discussed below.

Depends on the specific dealer

The main differentiating feature of the live dealer games that you may play will be the dealer themselves. It becomes about the dealer in that their online charisma and communication skills will be what keeps the punters coming back for more. Thus, this is the primary factor that will determine the quality and likeability of the live dealer games you play. The dealer is also able to add a level of luxury with their croupier outfits and the live studio appearance.

The actual games being played

The game that is being played as a live game will have a major bearing on the level of interaction and excitement that the game provides. A bingo game or table card game will require the dealer to interact quite a lot with the players and, as such, will be very different from a live game of roulette, where you wait for the spin to stop and generally don’t interact in this time. However, the best dealers will be able to keep the interaction going no matter what the game.

Depends on the casino

Depending on which casino you’re playing at, there may be an opportunity to chat with both the dealer as well as the other players. This level of interaction is explicitly dependent on the technology and platform that you’re playing the game on. It is generally streamed from a studio, and as such, the way it looks will depend on the funds available to the online casino and whether they have invested in the live dealer game setup. Then there are the more cutting-edge online casinos where crypto live dealer games have become all the rage, offering immediacy of the transaction, incredible variety in bet limits, and anonymity for the players.

There is a huge range of live games that are now offered by the top casinos out there. From the lotteries, casino table games, and card games, as well as the new games being released by developers like lightning dice. The live game is argued as the future of the online casino, and as such many game developers are looking to see how they can add new and exciting games, how to make the slots more interactive, and whether they will be able to have a host for the entire casino, to include all the games and tables that the casino offers.

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