Online Video Streaming VS Cable TV

Before the invention of online video streaming, cable television was our only source of visual entertainment. And though streaming has become popular that doesn’t mean cable television has become obsolete. After all, the concept of video streaming originally came from it.

Like how streaming has improved over the years with its growth in popularity doesn’t mean that television is doing nothing. It has also grown over the years. Now it’s not just your local news channels there’s also a variety of channels of various categories with multiple shows. Some of them are in local languages while others are foreign. As for the quality with the advancement of technology you can already guess I presume. But which do you like the most. Let’s check out some points.

Viewer Control

In online video streaming, poor internet connection causes videos to buffer more which sours your watching experience. Cable connection faces issues as well but instead of the buffer it’s either the distortion of the video or loss signal and the reason behind this is either there’s a problem with your cable connection or with your service provider.

Unlike online video streaming where after the buffering the video starts from where the buffering began but in the case of television if the problem is fixed it won’t start from where the show you watched left off cause it’s a real-time playback on which the viewer has no control over the video only the channel hold that ability and they make a schedule for each show. And when the shows are over it’s over. Yeah, there are repeats but as you don’t have any control over it as I said earlier so you won’t be able to start it from where you want it to start. But in video streams, you can see it any time and from any point in the video.

Accessibility And Flexibility

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that streams are more accessible than cable. Cause if you want to watch a stream all you need is an internet connection and device that has a browser and you are done. And the fun part is that nowadays wifi is almost everywhere. Thus you won’t need to attach an internet cable to your device at all times.

On the other hand, television needs a constant cable connection to enable you to watch any channels and access its contents. And not every device supports a cable connection.


You can indeed watch many video streams for free on sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, etc. But sites like Hulu, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. which are more popular in the entertainment industry need you to buy subscriptions witch can be annulled at any moment you want.

On the other hand, you can access various channels on cable tv and pay only for the channels you have chosen. And also your cable operator must be able to provide that channel. Though it first might seem costly as a bundle it’s not that much if you were to subscribe to every channel individually.

Who Can Start A Channel

Regular people won’t be able to start a channel on television cause it requires a lot of financial support as well as an efficient staff. Plus you would need sponsors and actors who are willing to join you. And let’s not forget about the promotion of your channel and its shows.

But for streaming that’s not the case. Yeah, you would need a team and sponsors and recommendations to join major channels but to get in the industry without paying a dime that’s easy. You can just sign up on platforms like Youtube, Twitch, Streaming Plug, etc., and start streaming your content. Yeah at first you won’t have many viewers or subscribers but with time they will increase if you don’t give up and keep delivering high quality content.

Also, you don’t need to arrange a whole set or professional actors to start your stream. It can be you and your smartphone camera. And you can start. Besides streaming is the perfect platform where you can earn from home online.


In the end, if you were to ask me then I prefer online stream over cable tv cause I prefer to be in control of what I watch and when I want to watch it. Yeah, it might sound arrogant to some of you but it’s just my personal preference. It doesn’t mean that you have to agree with me. So pick whatever you like it’s your diction. I’m just sharing my point of view.

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