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Communication smd screens are tools whose performance has now been proven. Indeed, in 2017 the POPAI shows an average increase of 24% in sales thanks to digital signage. In addition, according to the same study, 19% of people admit to having made an impulse purchase not initially planned after seeing an advertisement on an SMD Screens.

Thus, a giant screen can offer interesting profitability, however, this performance comes at a cost.

While giant LED screen technology has become more democratized and more affordable for professionals, we must not forget that investing in a communication screen goes beyond the tool itself. However, opting for giant LED screen display solutions represents an investment. It is therefore important to carefully assess all the costs and additional costs of a screen in its financing plan. This will ensure a positive return on investment.


The purchase price of a giant screen may vary and include more or fewer elements, depending on whether it is an imported screen or a screen and on the technical needs of the installation. Beyond that also comes the notion of quality of the finished product, but also its components. This is why the purchase price of a screen can be very different from one supplier to another, especially since it is multifactorial.

The cost of the giant screen itself

The price of a screen, therefore, includes all the stages of its design. That is to say, the choice of components, their manufacture, labor, and finally transport. These elements vary not only in the care taken in the quality of manufacture but also in the place where it is designed.

This is valid regardless of the type of screen; LED screens as LCD monitors. In the case of a giant LED screen, for example, it is made up of a structure on which modules are placed, themselves made up of LEDs, associated with control boards and a power supply system. So there are so many elements that add up, each with its level of quality and its own associated cost.

The cost of the entire steering system

The steering system is another element that enters into the final cost. This will vary according to the technology used, but also according to the need for dissemination. In some cases, for example, a media player is used. This makes it possible to adapt the incoming flow of content to the outgoing format on the screen. It is this system that will allow the information to be sent to the control boards. Its cost will depend on the quality of the product, its calculation speed, its reliability, and its longevity. In general, it will be directly integrated into the final price by the supplier.

Another element involved in the piloting to be able to display animated content is the piloting software itself. This may be more or less efficient and offer more or fewer possibilities ranging from programming playlists to creating simple graphic animations. This software will be installed directly on the machine or accessible online.

In terms of price, it can be free and included in the price of the screen or additional with a purchase of a license or a subscription. Finally, to this, we can also add a PC dedicated to controlling the giant screen to avoid interference with other uses.

Other costs included in the purchase price of the giant screen

The quote for a giant screen also includes other, less visible costs. One can in particular think of the costs of delivery, installation, and the added options (extended guarantees, premium pack, etc.). Similarly, as with any commercial enterprise, the quote also takes into account the margin applied by it. However, the more intermediary there will be between the manufacturer and the end customer, the more margins will be added.


Contrary to what some people think, the costs associated with a giant screen are not limited to the order placed and the financing plan validated. Indeed, its use will also involve other expenses that will directly impact your daily management costs.

Power consumption

If giant SMD Screens and a monitor have different power consumption per square meter, they need the energy to operate. This consumption will vary according to many elements, such as the type of installation (indoor or outdoor), the duration of diffusion, and the quality of the components used. Indeed, a better quality screen will have a reduced energy consumption.

As a result, the use of communication screens will inevitably have consequences on your electricity bill. It will therefore be necessary to anticipate this additional consumption.

Creation of multimedia content

Having a relevant and quality digital signage solution is good, but you still need to have content to broadcast. Indeed, 50% of the results of your digital signage campaign will depend on what you are going to display on the screen. This production of visual aids will have a cost. This will depend on the resources available.

Indeed, if you produce your visuals in-house with dedicated software or have a database provided by a network, then it will only cost you working time to program it. On the other hand, if you choose to use external service providers to produce your media, you will then have to take into account the production costs invoiced by the service provider. However, the price will be different depending on the nature of the visuals. Indeed, a simple animation does not represent the same investment as a more elaborate video composition.

The cost of managing the display on a giant screen

Certainly, the communication screens work autonomously once programmed. However, this programming requires physical intervention by one or more persons concerned. This is then attributable to working time. It is necessary to know who will manage the screen according to its capacities and its possibilities.

It will also depend on how the visuals are produced, as mentioned above. This management indeed requires a minimum of investment to collect the contents, program them on the software, validate them and ensure the follow-up. If this step has no real financial cost, strictly speaking, it still has an impact on the management of the company.

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