Omega replica Planet Ocean Women’s Watch – just for that sporty feeling

Replica watches: It is said that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Why is this? I still haven’t figured it out. This may have become a truth. In short, remember that it is always right to give women diamonds. Before, we have introduced many representative models of the Omega Seamaster series, or they are all male models, but don’t this series only belong to men.

In the world of watches, men and women are always equal, and even more Prefer women, just like this Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean (Marine Universe) women’s watch we are about to introduce, not only any technical, performance parameters and men’s replica watches, but also has a precious metal case and diamonds, why the brand should launch a sports watch. I have never understood the precious metal diamond-encrusted version, but today I understand thatomega replica most of the time we don’t exercise, we just want that feeling of movement.

When it comes to the loyal fans of Planet Ocean, Nicole Kidman should be none other than Nicole Kidman. As Omega’s celebrity ambassador, it can be say that every latest Omega women’s watch has stayed on her wrist. Among the many watches, she only has a special liking for the co-axial jewelry expression of the ocean universe, so that after a shooting event, she is even reluctant to take off the ocean universe jewelry watch on her wrist, and it is just a shooting. sample sheet used.

Nicole once said, “She is very satisfied with her life in her youth. She thinks that young actors lack enough emotional experience to be convincing, and mature women are particularly beautiful.” The ocean universe with red gold and diamonds in front of her is like a mature woman. The deep temperament is smeare with the warm luster of red gold, and the 42 bright diamonds express the firm and elegant mature woman. confidence.

This watch should be said to be the flagship watch in the Ocean Universe women’s watch. I first need to explain what a flagship watch is. In our daily life, we usually refer to the most expensive or highest configuration of the same series of products. Commodities are called flagship models, and the same is true in the world of watches.

Almost all brands use precious metal materials when launching their flagship watches, and they will also inlaid with diamonds and various gems, so you must not judge flagship watches with cost-effectiveness. Some people may think that gold watches are flashy, but in fact, this is the case. The view is a bit biased. Since pure gold is extremely soft and not suitable for industrial processing, all gold used in watches and clocks except platinum is 18K gold, that is, 75% of gold and 25% of other metals (different metals, the color of gold is also different) gold alloys.

In fact, due to the unique physical and chemical properties of gold, the material of this gold alloy is superior to stainless steel in other aspects except that it has no scratch resistance of stainless steel, such as corrosion resistance, never rust,replica watches irreplaceable luster, and the most important thing is Preserve value (on earth gold is always rarer than iron)!

As the flagship model of Planet Ocean and a member of the Omega Seamaster series, this watch must first inherit many functions of the Omega diving watch since the 1940s, such as 600 meters water resistance, unidirectional rotating bezel and decompression helium escape valve. In terms of appearance design, except for the strap, Omega uses 18K red gold to create all exposed parts of this watch. At the same time, Omega on the bezel also adopts the top inlay technology, inlaid with 42 luxurious diamonds. When it comes to events in the evening, the 37.5mm size, red gold and diamonds, can reveal the unique beauty of mature women, whether matched with elegant formal wear or luxurious dresses. best replica watches

The bezel of the flagship model has changed from the original digital scale to an extremely luxurious 42 diamonds. Some people will ask, precious metals are still somewhat useful, and diamonds are useless at all. The reason for setting diamonds is mainly to show the charm of table diamonds and the craftsmanship of setting them.

It is necessary for me to talk about the difference between table diamonds and ordinary jewelry diamonds. First, no matter how small the table diamonds are, they must be perfectly cut with 57 faces or emerald cutting. Secondly, the diamonds on the same watch must ensure their chromaticity. It is exactly the same as the clarity, and the price of table diamonds is generally three times that of jewelry diamonds. In addition, the minimum standard clarity of general table diamonds will reach VVS1, and the chromaticity will also be above F. For example, the clarity of diamonds used in some big-name (like Omega) watches can reach IF.

Although we see that the bezel of this watch has the same shape as the ordinary bezel, making this bezel is making a piece of jewelry. All diamonds must be hand-set by craftsmen. If the setting is uneven, it will be completely To hide the brilliance of diamonds, this watch adopts the most traditional four-claw setting technique, and the gaps between diamonds and diamonds are fine and uniform.

In fact, the use of precious metals as appearance materials is not only because the cost of the material itself is high, but also the processing difficulty will increase accordingly. After all, gold alloys are still more delicate and rarer than stainless steel, so be careful everywhere. Finally, we will also see various imprints symbolizing precious metals under the lugs, such as: 750 logo, St. Bernard dog head logo, fake watchesbalance logo, etc. These interesting logos you can never see on a steel watch.

This watch uses a black alligator leather strap. The bamboo pattern on it tells us that the strap comes from the best part of the crocodile. The buckle is also make of 18K gold, which allows you to wear the watch every time you wear it. You can feel the smoothness that is unique to the gold clasp at all times.

In terms of movement, how can this watch show weakness, using the reduced version of the 8521 movement of Omega replica‘s exclusive self-made 8501 coaxial automatic movement. The mantissa 2 represents the reduced version, the mantissa 1 represents the distinguished version, and the ordinary version is code-name 8520. It is assemble in a steel watch. This movement has been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory.

Due to the slightly smaller size of this movement and a single barrel design, Omega has shortened the power reserve from 60 hours in the 8501 to 50 hours. Although Omega has reduced the power, the configuration has not been reduce at all, and the 18K red gold pendulum is still use. As for the ultra-luxurious configuration that spans the balance wheel bridge, the main bottom plate is not only make of rhodium, but the movement surface is also luxuriously treate with a unique Arabic-style Geneva ripple.

The most important thing is that this movement has also been upgrade to the latest Si 14 silicon-free hairspring, which not only greatly improves the anti-magnetic performance of the watch, but also makes the time travel more accurate and reliable, so Omega is such a watch. Provided after-sales service for up to 4 years. And this configuration is really rare among women’s watches.

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