From a Toggle Necklace to Pendants: Timeless Jewelry to Add to Your Collection

Are you looking to add a timeless piece of jewelry to your collection? Timeless jewelry goes well with many outfits and never goes out of style. Renowned designer Yves Saint Laurent once mused, fashions will fade, but “style is eternal.” Whether you are going for a gold toggle necklace or 925 sterling silver hoop earrings, knowing which types of jewelry won’t ever go out of style can help you build a versatile and chic collection.

A Gold Chain Toggle Necklace

Whether you choose a thin, delicate chain or a chunky, edgy chain, the gold chain necklace is an essential part of every jewelry collection. The right toggle necklace can help give you versatility in a chain because you can wear it multiple ways, depending on your style for the day. A chunky chain is perfect for powerful looks, while a dainty chain adds a touch of femininity to your style. It’s best to have both on hand so the necklace can always be a central part of your outfit.

A Pendant Drop Necklace

A pendant or pendant drop necklace is a way to wear a small token that you find meaning in. It could be a symbol, your initials, or another object that holds significance for you. Or it could be a geometric design, like the quatrefoil, or a pattern with four overlapping circles. This necklace helps keep the pendant close to your heart while giving you a piece of stylistic flair. You can wear more than one at a time or use it as a focal point for layering necklaces.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Studs were likely your first earring. It’s not just because of the easy piercing process, either. Stud earrings go with any style, as do diamonds. It’s an easy way to add sparkle to any outfit—you can wear them whether you are going into the office, out on a date, or to a formal event. Pair your diamond earrings with a drop necklace, and you have effortlessly added elegance to an outfit. Pearl studs are another timeless option, though these earrings tend to be a good fit for more formal events. Elegant and subtle, diamond earrings are practical yet stunning.

Cuff Bracelets or Bangles

Cuff bracelets and bangles are both timeless pieces for different reasons. Bangles are perfect for either wearing solo or in a stack, which can make an unmistakable jingling sound. From a breezy sundress to a chunky cable-knit sweater or a cocktail gown, bangles pair well with nearly everything. The cuff bracelet keeps its place because it makes for the perfect foundation of a bangle stack, giving contrast to simple metal bands. When you want to create a cohesive look, use a toggle necklace layered a few times to mimic your stacked bracelets.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a classic style that you can wear with a gold chain toggle necklace or a pendant drop necklace to deliver a subtle, fierce flair. Whether they’re big or small, hoop earrings can make a statement without being over the top or taking attention away from your other jewelry. This gives them a timeless look and appeal, adding elegance without distracting from the rest of your outfit.

About Natalie Wood Designs

Natalie Wood Designs is known for its quality, affordable luxury jewelry. Owner Natalie Wood founded the brand on faith and designs each piece of jewelry with purpose. The brand strives to encourage and inspire women to feel beautiful both inside and out. While other jewelry companies might buy and resell pieces or entire collections, Natalie hand-designs each piece. That means their jewelry doesn’t follow trends. Instead, her approach to designing jewelry aims to create timeless trends. Natalie Wood Designs offers necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets, from the dainty and elegant Bloom Drop Necklace to the modern Just Dance Necklace. Best of all, every piece of Natalie Woods Designs jewelry is hypoallergenic and highly giftable.

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