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Making and Distributing Hygiene Kits in Times of Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be advisable to use water and soap to maintain hygiene and safety. But what about those who cannot source it by themselves? It is then when the good Samaritans of the country step in and distribute hygiene kits to the needy. They give hygiene kits that help people maintain utmost safety and never let shortage come in the way of safety. You can surely increase or decrease the amount of soap and hygiene products. Those which are being provided to families as per the area and family size you are catering to.

If there is more soap and cleaning products available via hygiene kits, then people will use these resources less sparingly and the frequency of hygiene practices may increase among people in many households.

Distributing good quality hygiene kits, with sufficient soap, hand sanitizers, and masks reduced the infection transmission in communities. When combined with hygiene promotion done effectively. It is important to make communities across the nation understand that hand-washing with soap and water is very effective at killing virus.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers must contain at least 60% alcohol in order to be effective to keep viruses and infections away. Every sanitizer manufacturer in India makes sure this proportion is maintained in the hand sanitizers they manufacture.
At this stage the distribution of surgical masks, N95 masks or gloves can be given to the frontline workers who venture out of their houses to keep us safe and secure. Choose any N95 mask company that ensures complete safety of people and communities.

Hygiene Kit Distribution

Make sure the hygiene kit distribution is safe for those who are giving it out and communities who are receiving it. Make sure to educate people or guide them through the use of these safety products so that they use it wisely as per the need and safety. While you distribute these, you should ensure that basic hygiene and physical distancing measures you are following throughout the process. Many gloves and mask manufacturers also have instructions on boxes with info graphics for better understanding.

Hygiene Kit Distribution for Safety

Hand washing facilities – Make sure there is a hand washing facility with soap and water at the location where people are collecting kits. Encourage community members to wash their hands with soap when arriving at distribution area and after signing for their kit. Encourage people to wash hands frequently during distribution as well.

Physical Distancing – Put simple physical distancing cues for people to understand. This should include measures to make sure individuals in the cue stand 2m apart. Make a one-way system for entering and leaving the area where the kit is being distributed. You can also use simple visual cues such designated circles made of chalk powder or signs, placards or flex boards.

Protective equipment for distribution staff – Staff should always have access to basic protective equipment such as masks and gloves. This not only helps maintain safety it also goes by the basic concept of practice what you preach.

Smaller group distribution – Adapt distributions so that they take place in locations throughout the community to reduce the need for people to gather or travel from long distances in order to get the kit.

Allocate time slots – Minimize the need for everyone to attend the location at once by allocating and communicating time slots throughout the day.

Moving distributions to open spaces – make use of any available open spaces. This may include unused land around the perimeter of the community space that are otherwise not being utilized during the outbreak such as schools or meeting spaces.

Door to door delivery – In some areas if it is possible, try to deliver hygiene kits door to door with vans.

Make sure to educate the people if the 3-ply mask or N 95 Mask in the kit offer

Ensure that only one person from a household collects the kit – Ensure that the kit can be easily collected and managed by one person. Do not increase the kit size dramatically, it should be convenient for the one receiving it to carry it.

Offer Maximum Protection: Forms an air-tight seal while allowing filtration during inhalation and exhalation.

Are Comfortable to Wear: Soft material fits the contour of the face. Its self-sealing design eliminates the need for a nose bridge and ear straps that often cause significant discomfort, skin irritation, or pressure sores.

Is Breathable: Made with electrostatic particle filtration properties that improves ease and temperature of airflow.

Stays in Place: No need to touch to readjust it while in use. Minimal obstruction of vision and fogging of eye-wear.

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