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lipstick rules every woman must know

Who doesn’t want a beautiful, kissable pout? It’s the idea using the incorrect shade most woman fear.

The idea of getting the perfect shade and the perfect pout is an uncommon task unless you take these simple but essential steps to achieve an ideal pout.


Treat your lips the same way you treat your face. Lips exfoliate, then moisturize by applying balm. Repetition the routine daily.

Find the best method to clean your lips. Apply a quality lip balm to scrub your lips regularly. For smooth lips , exfoliation is one of the most important things to do.

Your lips are as delicate as your skin, as we exfoliate our faces every week It is vital to cleanse your lips at least three every week. Exfoliating your lips can rid your lips of dry skin, flaky and dry and help bring back the shine, softness and smoothness of your lips.

So, next time , rub your lips with a towel or apply a mixture of honey and brown sugar to perfect exfoliate your lips. Make sure to apply the lip balm afterwards to keep your lips hydrated!


It’s safe to emphasize only one aspect that you are most proud of. If you’re going to go for big lips, then maintain your other makeup simple to ensure a balanced look.


“Shimmer may appear like a cheap product,” says make-up artist Troy. Choose lipsticks that have an emollient finish. “Light reflections should result from the formula’s moisture and not metallic pigments.”

4.) Choose the right COLOUR

The right shade to choose is vital. Different colors work differently on different types of skin Therefore, you should try several shades before settling on the most suitable shade. Tips: Choose the shade that matches the skin’s tone. The lighter shades of reds and burgundy look stunning with warm tones for your skin, while true reds and true pinks are great for fair skin.

Pick the right shade for your lips in accordance with your skin tone and your personality. It’s all about whether you’re able to wear this shade, or do you not. Light shades are in to any season. Brighter shades are ideal for events or events.

Finding the perfect shade to match all your outfits is among the most important things you need to be doing. The shades you choose for your signature should match your mood, one that’s soft and elegant, that will work with your everyday activities and secondly, to add a splash of color to every look in a single swipe or three, third to create an enticing style when you want to look sexy, fourth , to let you go wild and bold, and fifth to let you rule the world!

A common mistake women make when applying makeup is to wear colors and shades that don’t match their natural skin tone. Don’t become a fashion shopper and apply a particular shade of lipstick simply because it’s trending. It’s your appearance that suffers. If you’re uncertain of how to begin, make an excursion to the counter for cosmetics in the local department store and ask the beautician guidance. They’ll advise you on which shades match your natural tones and what kind of foundation you should go for, and what tones and colors to stay clear of. Once you’ve figured out the kind of look you want, when you’re strapped for cash go to websites like “Cosmetics for less” to find an affordable beauty deal.

5) Utilize PRIMER

Always apply primer prior to when you apply the lipstick. Because

It will also give the lipstick shade a more appealing color contrast.

It will make the lipstick to last for all day (throughout your day).

If you’re running out of primer or don’t have it then you can try foundation instead.

Also known as the base of your lips, make sure you use an excellent quality primer prior to applying lipstick. It provides the shade of lipstick an enhanced contrast and the smoothest texture.


Liner could be your most trusted companion or your most feared enemy. In either case, liner plays played a major role in creating your perfect lips. Find the perfect lipstick, most likely one that is closest to the colour of your lips and outline your lips prior to applying the lipstick. It will provide the needed shape to your lips or make them appear thicker or fuller. This also prevents your lipstick from fluttering. Make sure you choose a more dark shade than your lipstick can cause catastrophe.

You must be cautious when applying lip liner as it could ruin your lips, or even create the most beautiful look. It’s basically to create an appearance of pout. You can pick the lip liner that matches your real shade of lipstick that will give you the perfect pout even when you have lips that are thin.

7) START in the middle

Always. Begin your lipstick application by putting it on your lips, and then expand outward using a lip brush. Lip brushes are recommended by experts to apply lipstick since it allows for fewer mistakes in comparison applying the lipstick straight out of the tube.

Start the lipstick in the middle the lips how it is best to apply it. Applying lipstick using a lip brush lipstick makes it easier to avoid mistakes.

If you are using lipstick, we recommend that you start applying lipstick in the middle of your lips and slowly move it out towards the edges, which results in less shaking hands when the edges of your lips are close , leaving a flawless, lip that is not splattered with lipstick.


Simply smudge the edges of your lips lightly to achieve a natural not overdone, appearance.

To create a natural appearance and to avoid overdos you can scratch the edge on your lip. Be careful when applying smudges because corners could make a mess of your look if not covered correctly.


When you’re done applying lipstick, wipe it out with a tissue and then apply a second layer. Blotting out any excess oils and emollients left from the initial layer of lipstick. It also leaves the pigments intact. “Blotting creates an ideal base. The second coat will add gloss and coverage,” says Troy. Applying a second coat of lipstick after blotting can increase the concentration of the pigment, in proportion to the creamy components which are the main culprits in the longevity of lipstick.

10) Wash off the lipstick and EXFOLIATE

Make sure to remove it before you go to bed. It’s not a good idea to leave lipstick stains on your pillowcase, don’t you? Make sure to scrub your skin after washing off the lipstick.

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