Have you woken up with the desire to look like a model this morning? Contrary to what social media says”I woke up with this’ a joke. However, you already know that don’t you? Sorry to make you feel so sad, beauties however, you don’t have to feel sad. It’s true that you shouldn’t get up with this kind of attitude however you can definitely achieve a flawless complexion with proper diet, and product. The majority of that is makeup, too.

The majority of makeup products that are available on marketplaces are full of toxic and harmful chemicals. However less of an expert in makeup even a poor Kajal can make you itch for the duration of a week! Yikes! It’s not what you want Do you? This is why we at Lakme offer vegan products made from the softest of ingredients to provide you with a makeup experience that lasts longer than couple of hours.

Now we’re going discuss how to use makeup tricks that create a flawless, flawless skin in less time with products that nourish and highlight both. Since, every day makeup can be fun to play with. These are simple tricks and tips that could change the way you think about your makeup game for the better. Let’s begin this wild adventure.

Who said quick makeup has to be chaotic and unorganized? You can also achieve an impressively professional appearance when you are able to apply the products in a proper way. This is why we’re providing you with makeup tricks to make your makeup routine a simple task.

Tips 1: Make sure you re-inflate your nail paint

We all enjoy applying the base coat. However, do you know that a base coats can cause damage to your nail polish game? Yes, a clear base coat can cause damage. What can you do? Replace it with white nail paint , and see the nail paint change color as never in the past. Also, you will notice less chipping.

Tip 2: Identify the spots that you missed.

This is a fantastic makeup trick. Sometimes, when we leave to work or a attending a meeting, we apply makeup quickly and can be unable to see certain spots that might not be apparent in lighting of the indoor. Examine your makeup in bright light every now and then. This is one of the most effective makeup tips to tell you whether you failed to blend or leaving some marks.

Tip 3: For wider eyes

Everyone is awed by beautiful and big eyes, however not everyone has the same. We’ll reveal the trick to use with a myriad of unpractical techniques for making up that give eyes the illusion of having a wider eye.

Apply a beige or white eyeliner for the inner corners , and at the waterline. Apply your liner and apply kajal to the lashline. Apply mascara upwards and give two coats. It wasn’t that hard, was it.

Tips 4: The foundation is is over the foundation, but no!

We know that you’re engaged. This is so much that it could be a point at which you’ll forget that your makeup item is just becoming over. What happens when you’re finished with just half of your foundation and then you realize that there’s no way to add additional foundation! That’s the nightmare that will happen. However, we have one of the top techniques for making-up even right here.

Use your scissors to cut the tube. You’ll be shocked by how much the product remains stuck to the edges and packaging. You can swoop it onto your brush and apply. Your makeup routine will be done until you place an order and receive the replacement on your door.

Tip 5: Make it a sprinkling!

We all know that spooning is relaxing. Sigh! It’s amazing! one of the makeup hacks too. Do you doubt us? We’ll show you how to create the perfect wing without a single mistake and all using spoons. It sounds like a dream, but it is possible.

Simply take a spoon, and put its handle to your eyelid, to match the shape of the wing that you would like to create. Make use of your eyeliner to draw lines and use the spoon’s handle as the scale. Then, use the front end of the spoon and put it on top of the lines, leaving just a couple of millimeters of space (to make it more complete) and then draw another line. You’ll notice that both the lines meet on the edges because of the curvature that the spoon has. Fill in the gap , and then expand it outwards. Then, you’re done.

Check out Lakme liquid eyeliner. It’s the perfect product to experiment with!

Make yourself ready for your meeting in the morning with these 5 minute makeup hacks

Honestly, 5 minutes? Believe us ladies. The hacks listed here are less than 2 minutes. Since we are all busy rushing through our work hours while we do the work from home from time to time There are also times that we work in our pajamas. What are we able to do to prepare for an emergency meeting? Makeup hacks that work. There are a few additional tips for everyday makeup.

Tip 6: Save the mascara brush

It is truly a magic device. Even though the formulation is different however, there’s a lot more difference any mascara tool could create to your makeup appearance. If you find that your mascara has run out you can throw away the bottle but keep the mascara wand. You can use it again with your favorite mascaras.

Tip 7: A quick smokey-eye

It can be accomplished with only two items: an eyeliner in black or kajal and an eyeliner in brown. Create a hashtag at the outside of your eyelid, then blend it upwards for a dark look. Make use of a black eyeliner, or kajal to add a bit increase the definition of the edge of your eye and blend. Use the same kajal for the line of your eyes. Make sure you tightline your eyes and apply mascara. You are done! It did not take five minutes.

For the best results, you should take a look at our collection for eyeliner. Lakme Eyeliner Pencil for Eyes in Earth Brown is just the shade to achieve this style. Do you want to add a violet definition? Get Smoked Velvet. Then finish with the ultimate classic Kajal All-day wear in Carbon Black – 01.

Tip 8: Place your eyeshadow sticks

Palettes are gone, sticks are in. These little beauties are multi-purpose, and, if you select the right shade, they can be used as highlighters or eyeshadow. Apply it with a swipe mix it up, apply mascara and eyeliner and you’ll have an eye makeup routine that lasts 15 minutes in under two minutes. This is pretty impressive for a lady who is always in motion but doesn’t want to sacrifice her look for work you think?

We have our Longwear brightening Eyeshadow Stick is precisely what you need.

Daily makeup routine for newbies

If you’re a beginner or an experienced professional making sure that you get your makeup tricks right will not make a difference. In the end, that’s what every day makeup is about how professional you’ll look in little time! Here are some tips to make sure you have your makeup on point in case you’re just beginning your journey.

Use a moisturiser that has a tint as an alternative to a full-on foundation

A good kajal will help you maintain your complete eye makeup

Always follow a proper skincare routine that includes the correct cleanse, tone and scrub steps

Get a great primer that will ensure that your foundation makeup spreads evenly

Consume nutritious foods and drink plenty of water each day

Choose a bb cream or tinted moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type

Examine the shade of your jawline, not your wrist

Choose makeup that is without harmful ingredients like parabens

Select a concealer one shade or two light than the foundation to erase dark circles.

Make up tips to make sure you don’t make common mistakes when applying makeup

Although the tricks and tips will certainly boost your beauty skills There are some errors you should avoid too. Let us give you the some of them.

Don’t apply makeup on dry, bare skin. This will result in the appearance of a patchy skin

Cleanse, tone, moisturize and prepare for smooth application

Make sure you are using the correct lighting when applying your makeup, or you might end up overapplying or over-applying, which can end up being embarrassing

Don’t be lazy in the blend. Blend the blend, blend, blend then blend more

Make sure you use the correct concealer, and the corrector. Consider what concerns you have and then select either the standard concealer or an orange, green or yellow corrector

Don’t overdo your eyebrows by drawing them in. You could end up looking like a witch rather than being a marvel. Make sure to fill the gaps, then blend it over the eyebrows in a sweep. The less is more

Don’t apply the bronzer over your face, absolutely not! Use it only to contour your face the face, and that’s it.

Lip lines that are sloppy are no longer acceptable. Make use of a lip liner has the exact hue as your lips.

Don’t be afraid to let your makeup routine to flow effortlessly by following these steps.

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