Know the factors that decide the cost of roof repairing

Repairing of the roof, at regular interval is one such activity, that needs to be done diligently by the property owner. Even the slightest negligence towards the maintenance of

Roof repairing is a time-consuming and expensive process, and it depends vastly on the type of repairing to be done for the roof. Be it residential roofing or a commercial one, you need to estimate roof repair cost. Do it before you hire a professional. Always hire a company when you get an estimate for the repairing work. Let us check the factors which influence the cost of repairing the roof.

 Type of roof:

Are you in need of repairing the roof for your business house or your residence? If yes, it is necessary to confirm the type of roof it is. It can be metal, shingled, flat, sloped, high pitched, or low pitched. The price of the material for roof repairing depends vastly on the type of roof.

Once you get the estimated cost of roof repair, you need to check the cost per Sqft for the material. If you opt for a roof repairing with asphalt shingles, it will cost nearly $120 to $100 per 100 square feet.

Many prefer tile shingles, which can cost about $300 to $500 per 100 sqft and slate shingles’ prices vary between $800 to $1000 per 100 sqft. Again, if you prefer metal roofing, you need to on average bear the cost ranging $1500 per 100 sq ft.

Permits for roof repair:

Different cities or towns have different rates to get permits to repair the roof. The professional roof repairing experts need to have that permit before they start the repairing work. The cost of the permit varies area-wise. It can be at a flat rate or will be based on the size of the home or its value.

Are you living in a coastal area? If yes, you will notice a difference in the price of the permit. The permit will take into account the protection it offers to the roof against natural calamities like hurricanes and other storms.

Area of the roof that needs repair:

The size of the roof is a significant point to consider before you estimate the cost of the roof repair. The cost of the roof depends on the sq ft measurement. If the size of the roof is large, you need to pay a good sum of money to repair it. Here you need to consult with a professional who will do a free roof estimate for your residence.

Existence of chimneys and skylights:

In many residential roofs, chimneys and skylights are there. Well, these affect the cost of roof repairing. Whenever your rooftop possesses any exclusive rooftop elements, these will increase the price of roof repairing and maintenance. You can expect some extra expense between $300 to $500 in roof repairing if your roof has those elements.

Repairing water damage:

To repair the water damages, the professionals need to remove the shingles and check the underneath decking. Hence this will add an extra amount to your budget for the roof repairing.

So, whether you opt for flat roof repair or slopped one, you need to consider the above factors before you go ahead with the repairing project. Who will be the contractor for the roof repairing for your roof? It is one of the biggest questions that need an answer especially when you are doing it for the first time. If you search online, you will get many companies offering roofing services in your locality. You can ask for the work portfolio if you want, and the same will give an idea about the work quality. You can also check the reviews of the companies given by clients. It will be a way to judge the level of expectation achieved by the company in the clients’ view. Comparing the estimated cost of the shortlisted companies will narrow down the search. It will be easy for you to decide on the roofing company for you when you follow the tips shared.

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