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How to Design a Hallway?

Hallway is one area that you pass by often but may not actually spend time in. You live in the living room, sleep in the bedroom, cook in the kitchen but when it comes to the hallway, you just pass through it. Hallways are often narrow, however hallways can be designed in a way that it changes the aesthetic feel of the whole home. Often neglected, hallways can really make a huge difference in home styling in Melbourne.

So if you are getting into house renovations in Melbourne, you are going to be thankful you read this blog.

How to Design A Hallway?

First, let’s talk about the flooring and walls. Flooring of hallway might not get noticed as much as the wall of hallway, especially if you have such lightings that focus on a painting on the hallway wall or an art piece near the hallway wall. The best way to design the hallway is the hallway tiling in Melbourne! And we are not just talking about the floor! Tiled floor in hallway will mean easy cleaning and no mess. Tiled walls in the hallway will mean a whole new approach with aesthetics! Usually people use wall paint and that is a very traditional way of interior designing, and home interior designers in Melbourne are capable of more than traditional designs. If you want modern and unique as well as stylish interior then the tiling is your best shot.

Best Option for Hallway Tiling for Home Renovation Melbourne

As mentioned earlier, the hallway is usually just passed through and it is also relatively a narrow and small space. So you need to choose the tiling wisely. If you have lights in the hallway, then you can go with relatively darker shades than beige, whites and such colors. However if you don’t have lights in the hallway then you should go with light shades, it does not have to be whites or beige, you can also go with light blue or light green or such colors.

Hallway is not used for a long period of time, we just pass through it which means that the amount of dirt deposits will be less. Hence you can go for designer tiles that might have rough or bumpy or patterned surfaces. Because cleaning them will not be that difficult due to less amount of dirt deposition.

Other Decorations

Once you are done with the surfaces, then comes the various decorations. There are many ways to design a hallway:

Wall Paintings

Wall paintings go pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Wall paintings with light themes can go on the hallway wall. It adds to the aesthetic and makes a narrow space look filled with elements.

Water Feature

You can put a water bowl on a table or small designer fountain. The hallway is less likely to have fans or windows etc. right, a water feature would also make that area cool.


You can use pots with artificial plants or real home plants. You can even use empty pots. Pots have endless ways of utilization as aesthetic features. You can even put a pot filled with colorful stones or grey stones or sand.


Besides the home plants, you can add creepers on the wall of the hallway. It could make your hallway look like an entrance to forest or a cave and give your home a real natural surrounding.

Hallway may be a narrow and small space but it is an area that can change the entire feel of home aesthetics with just hallway tiling and some art pieces or some green elements! Don’t wait around anymore, hire the best Home Renovation Melbourne and transform your home.

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