Important Guides When Choosing Muslim Baby Names

Muslim baby names are very important for those who want to convey their religious beliefs in their children’s names. Choosing a Muslim baby name requires a lot of consideration and is not something that is never taken lightly. Keep in mind that the unique Muslim baby names you choose for your baby will identify you for the rest of their lives, so make sure the name is one that you enjoy and are happy to speak out loud. The unique baby name you choose for your child will be the one called by her friends, the one known by her teachers, and finally, the one spoken by her spouses and children. Your selection of the correct baby name is great!

There are certainly other things to remember when choosing popular Muslim baby names. For example, never name the baby Allah unless Allah is part of a larger and longer name. Always make sure the modern Muslim baby names are one that has a pleasant meaning, as this will help you on your walk through life. Naming your Muslim baby after prophets is always a good thing, as is naming your baby in a way that reflects bondage to Allah.

Consider the deeper meaning of your baby’s name. The fact that it sounds beautiful is not enough to choose a name destined to carry the child through life. Consider what it symbolizes. Also, consider what your Muslim baby’s name will mean to others – what will they feel when they hear the name? What will they think of their son?
The important point is to choose a name that makes you happy. This is your son! The name you choose for your baby will come to mean one of the most important people to ever touch your life. Make it a name that makes you smile every time you say it, not just because it’s beautiful, but because it means something special to you.

Below are the basic guides for choosing Muslim or Islamic names for your baby. We will be called using our names on the day of judgment, so choose a good name and choose it wisely.

The best name for a Muslim baby is ‘Abdullah’ and ‘Abdurrahman.’
The most suitable name for the Muslim baby is ‘Harits’ and ‘Hammam.’
The most inappropriate, strange or bad name for a Muslim baby is ‘Harb’ and ‘Murrah.’
It is forbidden for Muslim baby names 2021 to use ‘Barrah’ as ​​your Muslim baby’s name.
Using bad names or names with inappropriate meanings is prohibited.
It is forbidden to use Abdul (which means ‘slave of’) with any other name except the 99 names of Allah and Abdullah (which means ‘slave of Allah’). Example: Abdul Kaaba.
To use the 99 names of Allah if there is no Abdul in front of him. Example: Arrahman, Abraham.

The use of non-Muslim names is prohibited.

It is forbidden to choose names of fetishes (elements of worship) such as Latta, ‘Uzza, Manat, Assah, Naailat, Hubble, and others.
Use the names of evil rulers like Fir’aun, Hamman, etc.
It is forbidden to use demon names like Al-A’war, Al-Ajda, Khanzab, etc.
It is forbidden to use disgusting animal names.
It is forbidden to use names as opposed to all goodness.
It is NOT advisable to use the names of angels.
Don’t use boy names for a girl and vice versa.
Do not use a name that has no meaning.

It is advised for unique baby names not to use very long names; Most of the baby names during Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) only consist of one word.

It is recommended to choose a name that is pronounced (in your own language) as it is pronounced in Arabic so that the meaning of the word does not change.

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