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Everything You Need to Know About Spirit Airlines’ Loyalty Program and $9 Fare

With the holiday season coming up, many of us are looking for ways to fly to our destination at an affordable price. In the past few weeks, Spirit Airlines has announced the introduction of a new $9 fare. Which is valid on select routes across the country. While this fare does come with some stipulations. It might be perfect for those who want to travel for an extremely low price without sacrificing much quality in terms of service and convenience. To learn more about Spirit Airlines’ loyalty program and $9 fare, keep reading this comprehensive guide.

Spirit Airlines award program

Unlike some other airlines, like United or Delta, that incentivize you with extra miles for spending a certain amount of money. Spirit’s program rewards you based on how often you fly. Members can earn up to 50 percent more points by traveling six times a year. But don’t worry if flying Spirit Airlines isn’t in your budget—members are also rewarded based on their lifetime number of flights. Just be sure to register your card and use it within three months of when you signed up. Then book your flight with your personalized AAdvantage credit card online or over the phone at Spirit Airlines Contact Number +1-888-678-0392 to start earning those miles.

​Spirit Airlines frequent flyer loyalty program updates

It’s not enough for many frequent flyers to book a Spirit flight on a carrier with a solid loyalty program. More than just convenience, many are looking for value from their miles or points. In an effort to entice travelers, Spirit recently updated its rewards program with some notable enhancements. Here’s everything you need to know about how you can use your points more effectively. The basic plan of SPG is a no frills flyer known for great Spirit Airlines deals and low fares… But did you know it has one of the best frequent flyer programs in addition? – Its bonus club allows members opportunities to earn double points all year long… And unlike other programs that require costly upgrades, SPG’s bonus structure is open ended!

How to earn points with a rewards credit card

If you’re looking for a way to earn more points on Spirit flights, your best bet is a rewards credit card. With cards like The Platinum Card® from American Express, you can earn 5X Membership Rewards® points at U.S. restaurants; 2X Membership Rewards points per dollar spent on tickets purchased from airlines or with frequent flyer programs; and 1X point per dollar spent on all other purchases made with your card—that’s one of our favorite rewards credit cards right now. The bonuses are worth anywhere from $800-1,600 in free travel. If you redeem them for airfare through Amex Travel—which is more than enough for a free flight!

How do I redeem my airline miles?

A common question, especially since redeeming airline miles can be confusing. Some airlines only allow you to redeem miles for specific flights or booking classes. While others only allow one-way redemptions or don’t let you cash in your miles for less than a full fare Spirit Airlines tickets. Most airlines have a general guideline on how many points you need for each redemption, but it’s up to each airline as to how they want people to use their mileage systems. Sometimes getting more information directly from an airline’s loyalty program is helpful; however, keep in mind that many airlines also have rewards programs with other companies such as hotels or car rental agencies so it’s always worth checking those out too.

​The best time to fly on Spirit

There are two reasons, one good, one bad. The first is that Spirit fills its Spirit Airlines planes. A typical plane flying Spirit Airlines from New York City’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA) costs LGA about $100 per passenger, but airlines get steep discounts if they can fill seats: Some of them pay less than $25. So when Spirit Airlines Tickets start at just $10 or so each way, they’re filling a lot of seats—which means, in turn, that all their flights cost very little money. Even adding on fees and charges adds up to far less than what a bigger carrier would spend on fuel alone.

​How much does it cost to join Spirit’s loyalty program?

The better question is which credit cards give you rewards points for ANY purchase? This is an easy one; just pick up any credit card that gives you bonus points on general purchases. Typically, most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) offer bonuses in return for signing up and using their Spirit 24 hour customer service. Check with your bank or financial institution’s reward system if you want a more comprehensive list of providers. If you are a frequent flier though, it’s best to use only those particular credit cards that directly partner with airlines like United or Delta (for example). These will provide you higher per mile rewards than most common reward programs. As far as which airline specifically goes with what credit card?

​Why is every flight on Spirit so cheap?

I’ve got some bad news for you: Spirit Cheap flights are a myth. Well, in today’s world of increasing fuel costs, it’s nearly impossible to find Spirit Airlines cheap flights. And if you have ever flown with Spirit before, then you already know that they charge extra for almost everything: food on board, carry-on luggage, boarding group assignments — even water or soda. So why is every flight on Spirit so cheap? Let me explain… How does Spirit make money?: Despite what many people think, Spirit actually makes a lot of money from their loyal customers. Why? Because we like cheap prices! We will pay anything (almost) to get from point A to point B as cheaply as possible.

Think about how much more you would spend each year at restaurants just by cutting out fast food one day per week (or more). For example, instead of going out for lunch five days per week at an average cost of $8 per meal, do your own grocery shopping once per week and pack your lunch four days each week at an average cost of $2 per meal. That’s a savings of over $400 per year!

​Which credit cards give me points for flying with Spirit?

Your credit card may earn bonus points for purchases made with airlines, so you can get a few more miles out of your loyalty. Since there are so many airline-branded cards out there, it’s best to check whether your card earns bonus points for travel. Most do. For example, with a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, you get 2X points on all travel and dining at restaurants—and 1 point per dollar spent on all other purchases. If you also have another Chase Ultimate Rewards® earning card like Chase Freedom®, then you could earn 3X or even 4X points on some travel purchases if you have both cards linked together in one account. Another option is the Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card.

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