All You Need To Know About Holistic SEO and Its Importance

Traditional SEO techniques and strategies are working, but the competition is too high to handle. Despite using the latest strategies and approaches, you will need to pray to mother earth for high rankings. When traditional approaches are not working well for your website, you need to heed holistic SEO approaches. The term may sound new for you, but it will benefit you in various ways. Keep reading this article if you are eager to learn more about it!

What is a Holistic SEO Approach?

Traditional SEO approaches and strategies always focus on elements like keywords, filling your meta tags, and alt tags. However, holistic SEO is all about the user/visitor of your site. You are targeting the person searching the internet rather than targeting keywords or other elements. How well you can understand the users, their needs, and their experiences with your website is a holistic SEO approach.

A holistic SEO approach is achieved by making changes to your website content. You need to create catchy content to boost visitors’ interest in scrolling through your pages and buying your offerings. It is better done when you connect with professional SEO services Dubai-based companies. The better experience your visitors have, the more they will scroll down the conversion funnel.

Factors to consider:

On the road to achieving the goals associated with holistic SEO, you need to consider a few important points. These points or qualities should be reflected in your website and must be crystal clear for visitors. Following are these points you should not overlook at any cost.

i) Navigation features:

Your website design should be easy to navigate. With easy navigation, visitors won’t have a problem finding your products and services. A good approach to achieving holistic SEO results is to keep the navigation bars easy and clear.

ii) How easily are visitors finding info?

Again, a user-centric factor here is to assist visitors in finding their desired information on your site. It would be best if you guided them through your navigation bar towards what they are looking for. The more easily they find info, the happier they are.

iii) Information relevancy:

You did well to guide visitors to the info they were searching for, but is the info relevant? Are you posting about what you are offering? You need to ensure you post relevant content and information on your site so that your visitors don’t click out of your site.

iv) Content quality:

Your navigation is alright, and the info is relevant; what about the quality of your content? Is it up to date? You can’t restrict visitors from doing their research on different sites, and if they find your content of low quality, you can’t stop them from clicking out. All you need to do is keep updating your content and work on the quality.

v) Does it cater to their needs?

It would be best if you made sure the product or service you are offering caters to the needs of your visitors. You can only force them to travel down the conversion funnel if you are answering their questions.

Phases of holistic SEO:

Holistic SEO revolves around the concept of conversion. The ultimate goal you can find at the end of every page is converting visitors to potential buyers. To better understand how to do it, you need to learn the following four phases of holistic SEO.

i) Visitor awareness:

As the title suggests, this phase is about visitors knowing about your internet presence and online offerings. It is the first phase where visitors will know about you and your online business.

ii) Visitor interest:

After knowing who you are and what you are offering, your products and services will catch your visitors’ interests. They will open your website, search about your products and services, and align their needs with your offerings.

iii) Visitor consideration:

The third phase is visitor consideration. Your website content should be attractive and decent enough to convince visitors to buy your product or service. Persuade them with your content to prefer your brand over your competitor.

iv) Visitor conversion:

The last step is conversion. Visitors, when impressed with your content and easy navigation, will decide to make deals with you. The final phase is the conversion from a potential visitor to a potential buyer.

Benefits it poses:

There are various benefits when you choose a holistic approach over a traditional approach. However, it would help if you were pinpoint correct with your strategies. It would be best to join hands with professionals to reap these benefits.

  • Focuses on the visitors’ needs and problems
  • Using longer keywords provides faster results
  • Attracts the right target audience for your brand
  • Keeps your website content updated and attractive
  • Gives exact response to visitors questions

Connect with SEO experts for better results!

Modern-day SEO strategies are dynamic, and you stand a reduced chance to do well. However, having expert SEO persons on your side will streamline things for you. Consider joining hands with these experts!

Kieran Edwards

Kieran Edwards is a content writer and researcher, a regular contributor to Dew Articles, The Information Minister Blog, Explore Insiders, and many other blogs. He writes about technology, finance, travel, marketing, and business. He helps businesses and brands to communicate with their target audience and customers.

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