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I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life

Unsure about what you want to do with your life? Explore some ways in which life coaching help you identify the right path in life. It can be both personal and professional.

It’s common to believe that when we see successful individuals in their occupations, they have always known that it is the “correct” path for them and that they are happy to be doing it. Unfortunately, however, this isn’t always the case.

According to surveys, just 14% of respondents are completely satisfied with their professions and have no desire to change them. In comparison, over 70% of individuals actively try to change occupations at any time. The traditional route of attending college or business school, selecting a career, and working in that industry for the rest of your life after graduation is a trap. It was customary in the past, but not anymore.

Do you have any doubts regarding your plans? Most individuals have experienced this at some point; you’re not alone. Here are some actions that life coaches help you take that aid in decision-making.

Examine Your Current Situation 

Before deciding where you should go, you must thoroughly understand your current situation. The essential thing is to be aware of what you enjoy and dislike since that will help you choose a professional path.

Are you content and fulfilled if you are with others all the time? Or does it make you feel suffocated and overburdened and wish you could spend most of your time alone? If you enjoy your own company, do you feel satisfied and at peace, or do you want more frequent social interaction?

Look critically at your daily routine and the pursuits that make you happy. It’s equally crucial to consider the aspects of your life that you genuinely dislike.

Additionally, you should consider what drives you: Is contributing to society something you feel is necessary for your pleasure? Do you desire high pay, or are you not bothered by what you make? Spend time reflecting on these questions, and think about keeping a diary to help you process your feelings.

Make An Effort To Tolerate Discomfort

Life may be uncomfortable at times. We occasionally lack the resources to complete all of our goals. However, if there is anything you truly want to do, you have to be willing to put up with some suffering to do it.

For instance, I wish to run the Iditarod and mushing sled dogs. I had to relocate my family to an Alaskan cabin from my nice suburban house to do that. We don’t have running water or regular power, and our cabin is considerably smaller than our former home. Still, we don’t mind the inconvenience of those things since we live in a lovely environment, and I get to spend a lot of time outside.

List Your Talents

If we utilize our intrinsic abilities and strengths, what we do for work is more likely to flow easily to us and seem smooth and effortless. Going the other way, like becoming an accountant when you’re lousy at arithmetic or a salesperson when you don’t like small talk, might result in despair.

We don’t often see people’s abilities, yet everyone has them. So, for instance, if you find it simple to chat with strangers, you might believe that everyone else does as well.

However, this is not the case. For example, talking to someone they don’t know well might make some people anxious if they have social anxiety. So, our unique, distinctive abilities make up a large portion of our personality.

Overcome Distractions and Stop Procrastinating

Unfortunately, this is true. You can find yourself at the end of your life with nothing to show except many Facebook posts and a bunch of TV episodes you had to watch if you don’t start making the time to follow your aspirations.

Whether you desire to become a wealthy and well-known computer expert, a professional skateboarder, or a jewelry designer, you best start moving if you’re serious about achieving it.

Don’t hesitate to start. Get to work and turn off your phone! Just daydreaming about how wonderful you could be won’t get you anywhere. Instead, follow these instructions to quit putting things off and start concentrating on what really matters.

Always Ask Yourself Questions

Give yourself some alone time. Identify your biggest concerns, including little ones.

Discover yourself. Meditate. Make a list of the things that interest you and those you may perhaps pursue if money and time were no object—aim high. Then, put your thoughts to rest and see yourself carrying out those tasks.

By asking yourself important questions, you’re creating an unstoppable motivation engine for yourself, and once difficulties happen, you’ll be prepared to handle them.

Research Education and Training

Research prospective career routes after you know your skills, preferred working style, and how others entered respective areas.

You can feel that your monetary resources are most important in this situation and that your only choices are cheap ones. But, thankfully, it’s not always the case.

There are other forms of assistance available (other than student loans). These include financial aid and government grants. You might also be able to get assistance tailored to your profession or the individuals in your demographic.

Embrace Creativity

This stage of life is ideal for trying new things. Usually, any job you could be interested in has a small-scale version that you can visit for a few hours, chat to someone about for a day, or observe in action.

Here, local universities and trade schools are a terrific resource since they can talk with you about your alternatives and maybe put you in touch with the companies you might be interested in.

You’d have a better sense of what it might be like to work in a certain area if you had the chance to spend a few hours or a day there.


It may be difficult to feel like you have no idea what to do with your life. You have a wide range of possibilities, and you should be aware that this is a typical emotion almost everyone has had at some point. Approaching a life coach for anxiety might help you feel more at ease and enable you to continue on your journey.

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