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How You Can Transfer Your Contacts From iPhone to iPhone Guide 2022

You have probably heard about the new feature on iOS 11 called “transfer contacts”. And if you are using this function, you can already transfer your contact list from another device to your phone. But what do we know about the other way round? What happens if I want to transfer my contacts from my phone to another phone? Well, fortunately, Apple has actually included a function that allows us to do that! However, we need to follow some simple steps to prepare our iPhone for the transfer. In this collaborative, we detail five methods for transferring contacts between iPhones: via iCloud, an iCloud reinforcement, iTunes, online devices, and external programming. Instructions in this article apply to iPhone running iOS 9 and up.

Transfer Contacts From iPhone to iPhone By Using iCloud

1. Transfer Your Contacts To New Phone

 You can transfer your contacts from old phone to new iPhone by using free applications called “iCloud” or “Move to iOS Device”. You need to login into iCloud account that you created during registration of your Apple ID (if you didn’t create one yet, go to After you log into iCloud, click on the Contact section at left-side menu bar. Click on ‘Contacts’ option and select ‘Add Account’ button. Then, choose ‘iPhone’ from the dropdown list. Select your old number and press Next button. Now, select ‘Next’ button once again to confirm your selection.

 2. Move Contacts To New iPhone

 After step 1, click on ‘Done’ button. Now, you should check if your new iPhone has any contact added to ‘Contacts‘ section. If not, then move them manually. Click on ‘Sync’ button under ‘Contacts” section and wait until the sync operation completes. When it does, select �add� button and then check whether your contacts are transferred successfully. If you want to learn more about How to Block a Number on iPhone then click here.

Transfer iPhone Contacts by Restoring an iCloud Backup of your iPhone

Following the process of syncing contacts from the previous section, iCloud can also cause reinforcement of information on your iPhone and later restore that reinforcement to an alternate iPhone. how it’s done:

  • Interface the iPhone to Wi-Fi.
  • With Contacts on the iPhone, tap Settings > [Your Name]. Whenever prompted, sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Tap iCloud > iCloud Backup.
  • Move the iCloud slider to on, then Tap Back Up.
  • The iPhone transfers your contacts and various information to iCloud. It backs up the entire iPhone, so it will take some time.
  • On newer phones you will need to add iCloud reinforcement, following the guidelines New iPhone setup technology. On the Apps & Data screen, choose Restore from iCloud Backup and follow the prompts to reinstall iPhone Reinforce and duplicate your old contacts on the new phone.

How to Transfer iPhone Contacts Using iTunes

The following steps describe how to transfer contacts from your iPhone to your computer using iTunes. You can use this information to transfer any type of contact (phone numbers, email addresses, etc) from the phone to your computer. This tutorial is designed specifically for Windows 7 users. If you are not familiar with the Windows file system, you may find yourself confused at times.


  • Start iTunes and connect to your computer via USB cable.
  • Open the Phone folder on your PC desktop.
  • Locate the.pst files that contain your contacts. These files should look like something similar to the screenshot below.
  • Drag the.pst file into the Phone Folder in your iTunes library.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Transfer iPhone Contacts Using Third-Party Software

There is a powerful universe of external programming that transfers contacts, normally faster because they don’t manage iTunes or iCloud. My Contacts Backup is an example of a contact list reinforcement application that works by emailing you a contact rundown so that you can duplicate the contacts to your new iPhone. Just open your mail on the new phone, choose the connection, and import the list.

Why can’t you transfer iPhone contacts using SIM card?

If you’ve used other phones that can transfer contacts from a SIM card, you may be wondering if you can do the same on your iPhone. This strategy backs up the SIM card’s contacts and later you move the old SIM to the new phone to use reinforcements.

It is not so basic for the iPhone that the component is not retained with the iPhone SIM card. Learn more about how to back up contacts in iPhone SIM.

How Do I Transfer Duplicate Contacts from My Mac 

Duplicate contacts is something that happens to many people who use iPhones (or other Apple devices). You can find yourself with multiple duplicate contact entries, each having their own separate phone number attached to them, despite the fact that they are all the same person. This can happen if you have several different work numbers on your iPhone, for example. If you find yourself in this situation, here’s how to clean things up:

  • In the Mac Contacts application, click Card in the menu bar.
  • Click Look for Duplicates.
  • The Contacts application will check your contacts as a whole. At the point when it finds copies, click Merge to join them and erase old unnecessary ones.
  • In the event that you sync your iPhone and Mac by means of iCloud, simply stand by a couple of moments and the change will match up to your iPhone. On the off chance that you don’t utilize iCloud, you can match up the Mac and iPhone through USB to get the some update.

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Why are there so many duplicate contacts on my iPhone?

There are many reasons why your pre-introduced iPhone Contacts app is loaded with different sections for similar individuals. Perhaps the most widely recognized causes include:

  • You have entered data for the same person at least twice.
  • If You took the iPhone idea to add someone to your location book and they were saved as a contact at the time, yet the iPhone added them independently.
  • You may have come across books from different places sooner or later and did not have fully consolidated copy passages for the same persons.
  • You can adjust contacts from different sources on your iPhone and have different postings for the same person in each application.

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