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How Viber Clone App Can Benefit Your Company?

Today in the era of digitalization, communication plays a significant role in our lives. It is necessary to use a platform for communication like Viber, Whatsapp, telegram, etc. There are numerous chatting apps available in the market, but only the best ones with advanced features get the opportunity to attract millions of users. This is the right time if you are looking to have a Viber clone app because in this pandemic people have started communicating through digital platforms. You can grab this opportunity through messaging app development.

Why Choose Viber Clone App?

Its popularity has gained the attention of many entrepreneurs and big organizations. When it comes to chatting app development, people mostly look at the popular running apps in the market in which Viber is one of them. Viber is a messaging and calling app that connects people worldwide. It works for both Android and IOS platforms. With more than 800 million monthly active users, it allows users to send free text messages, making free HD video calls, and send high-quality pictures to their family and friends. Its users can share their locations anytime with their loved ones. Its installation is free that’s why it has many users around the world. Viber always focuses on enhancing user’s experience by constantly adding new features like fun stickers and emoticons.

It can be operated on mobile as well as on the computer. It is available in over 40 languages which helps users to select their preferred one. Its disappearing message system is the best feature that anyone can get in a chatting app. You can even delete the messages permanently. Its other features like hiding message, end-to-end encryption, HD video calling makes it the best out of all. Believe me, it would be worthful to have a Viber clone app for business development.

Let’s discuss some of the major features that you can get with the Viber clone app

  • Free voice and video call feature
  • Send messages and pictures anytime with end to end encryption
  • Users can invite other people to have a group discussion together
  • Its privacy feature will allow users to share status and block people whom they don’t like.
  • Users will be able to deactivate their accounts by tapping on the deactivation option.
  • Easily users can connect the app account with their social media like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Notification for incoming messages and confirmation of sent messages will come in the Viber clone app.

How To Generate Revenue From Viber Clone App?

Luxemburg-based Viber messaging app permits users to exchange High-quality images, videos, and texts to their loved ones. Video & voice calls, contact synchronization, Social sharing, Desktop access are the prime features of the Viber app that one can have in a Viber clone app. The video call app development and messaging app development process are challenging as you have to take care of complicated codings to integrated the exact features. But with a team of experienced developers, anyone can get the Viber clone app for their business. Now the big question arises that how one can generate revenues through Viber messaging clone app. We will discuss this in the remaining article. If we look at the monetization of the Viber clone, there are various ways to get maximum revenues.

viber clone app revenue

Below mentioned are a few major benefits of owning a real-time messaging app 

  • The most followed approach for making revenues through messaging app is to charge the customer monthly or yearly for making calls and messages in the app. In short by charging a subscription fee, you can earn money. You can set a particular reasonable amount for making calls or texts.
  • It can help you in generating revenues for your business. But make sure to charge less for your services, and try to keep the amount lower as much as you can. Otherwise, people will not prefer using your app due to high charges.
  • Another way is promoting other people advertising campaigns in your chatting app. Most messaging apps earn sufficient revenues through advertising. Here the third party gives you a considerable amount for promoting their services in your app by paying a specific fee. Charge varies from the number of users that you have and the content which you are showing. Try not to post many ads in the app because no one prefers to use the app, which shows so many advertisements.
  • We can also integrate the payment methods through which your users can make purchases on various platforms. You can charge a commission fee from your users for using your payment gateway.

Viber Technology  Stack

1. Database – MongoDB is the primary database of Viber, which is used for storing customer’s chat data. It also ensures chat privacy within the app. No one can check or access your chats without your permission. This database ensures the high performance of app features.

2. SIP – The major technology of Viber is the Session Initiation Protocol, which is used to make phone calls and video calls over the internet. This is an essential factor that plays a role in the app. Viber uses SIP as a signaling VoIP protocol.

3. Nginx – High-performing HTTP servers are responsible for the smooth functioning of an app, which is assured by the Nginx web servers. It works as a load balancer and enhances the server’s performance and stability.

Expected Budget For A Viber Chatting Clone App Development

It depends on various factors – like Which platform you are using, Your expectations regarding UI/UX, Cost of hiring developers for specific clone app, Whether you want to have customized options or not, Front end and back end development, Developers are paid, according to the number of hours they are working for making an app.


Messengers apps play a key role in our daily activities. It is an important part of our life. An app like Viber will help you in improving your market value, and this is something that everyone wants to have. Owning a messaging app can help you in becoming a market leader in this fast-growing economy. We can help you in achieving your goals through Viber clone app development services. Let’s discuss your app ideas.

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