How To Use SMS Marketing For Travel Agencies

Technology and travel are intertwined today. We use our phones when travelling as well as when we are at home to plan and do research. When we travel, we bring our technology along with us and use our smartphones to make the trip more individualized.

Additionally, as the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end, the transport sector is starting to get back to normal. Travel industry experts must entice clients away from the allure of consciousness and DIY travel apps. Yet how? Of course, with first-rate customer support.

Most of the customers are likely to make repurchases from the same professional depending upon their first experience being good. Service that is personalised and attentive to each client’s needs is more crucial than ever. SMS Broadcast must be a crucial component of your marketing plan if you run a travel agency.

Usefulness of SMS in travel and tourism 

  • Encourage customers to books with you

The tourism sector is fortunate in that it is effortless to make what they are selling appealing. The most amount of travel is desired by people. People still look at maps and become enthusiastic about travelling even though they don’t have the time or money to do so. 

When people are most receptive to the idea of travelling, SMS marketers can tailor their special offers, whatever they may be (hotel discounts, exclusive packages, early bird bargains, and more).

  • Real time updates and alerts

Mostly SMS messages are read as soon as they are sent, which is one of their main benefits. Might it be bad weather causing a flight delay, events postponed, running a tour operator, airline, or online travel agency just to keep your customers informed with timely SMS notifications. Cut down on the number of times they must call for customer support and encourage loyalty from tourists who feel important and updated.

  • After sales services 

Customer interaction shouldn’t finish with your booking; instead, thank your customers for considering you in polite messages or by sending a survey asking them to review how satisfied they were with their stay.

  • Customer satisfaction 

Any company using a long-term success strategy must send out client surveys and polls. Text messaging services are excellent for gathering client input to aid in service improvement.

Ask them about their overall experience, how they would grade the service provider, and if they have any recommendations for improving the experience in the future.

  • Brand building

People take their travel very seriously, therefore it’s important to pick a travel agency that they feel is dependable, competent, and trustworthy. In addition, the emotional connection you’re forging with your business and its brand are tightly tied.

Building your brand’s image with smart SMS marketing is beneficial. By offering constant SMS customer service, you can make sure that your company’s reputation for reliability is growing. Customers are more loyal, the retention rate is higher, and sales grow when they have faith in you.

  • Handle emergency situations 

When implementing SMS marketing, travel companies have direct access to the phone numbers of their clients. The quickest and most dependable way to reach individuals to alert them to an emergency is through mobile devices. Additionally, since the majority of people carry their phones with them, they can text your business if something unexpected happens.

  • Customer loyalty

In many industries, loyalty programmes have been shown to be a great tool for customer retention marketing. A customer loyalty programme is also essential in sectors where consumers frequently compare prices.

  • Provide customers with a promo code
  • Reward programs
  • sending customers helpful information and bits of advice about the destination
  • Ask them questions about their overall experience
  • Keep SMS a part of the process

At every point of the purchasing process, SMS can be used in a variety of ways, from special discounts before making a reservation to confirmations and mobile boarding cards once the trip has begun. The experience of going on vacation can be greatly enhanced through SMS. Booking confirmations, trip updates, and links to their whole bookings can all be sent through text message.

You may go a step further by texting your customers entertaining things to do in the area of their chosen destination, packing suggestions based on the weather and other factors, and even an events calendar for the period of time they will be there. Providing consumers with a value-added service will promote the kind of positive encounter that leads to repeat reservations.

Benefits of SMS marketing

  • High interaction rate

Compared to emails or any other method of communicating with your potential consumers, bulk SMS have a greater opening rate. To maintain your brand’s reputation and encourage additional contact, it’s critical to deliver the appropriate message at the appropriate moment. In order to generate leads and keep clients in Australia, for instance, if you are a clothing brand you should make sure you are present in the market with incredible offers before or at the time of Easter. Bulk SMS are sent more quickly because they only require a few seconds to deliver and give you information on the delivery status.

  • Instant delivery

Get guaranteed with our quick delivery. You can deliver the right message at the right time and attain the intended outcomes more easily with the help of a bulk SMS service. Depending on what works best for you, have it delivered on time and all at once.

  • Simple and direct

People are very dependent on their smartphones, which have ingrained themselves into every area of our life. A text message is incredibly straightforward and requires no extraneous details to send your message to the recipient. Unlike emails, which may remain unread in inboxes, text messages are rarely ignored. Additionally, since text messages only have 160 characters, your offers will be succinct and to the point, providing the buyer with quick value.

  • Personalization

Even if your campaign manages to get past the junk mail filters, it may still get buried in the sea of offers, newsletters, and spam that fills our email inboxes. A text message, on the other hand, is only delivered to persons who have requested to receive it, and it is quite simple to personalise each message to make the recipient feel special.

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