Harassment At Workplace: Factor That Stop Bosses to Hire Women Employees

The current wave of feminism and the Me Too Movement has shattered the whole world. Many celebrities, actors, film producers, directors, editors of newspapers, and singers were alleged for harassing women in the past. The wave moved to India, the USA, Brazil, China, Canada, and other countries around the world.

Most of the cases were right or wrong but have not been proved. Men who were alleged in such cases were barred from working. Their associations with industries, parties, groups, and newspapers were called null and void. Many were banned from working until the matters are resolved. The whole situation created uncertainty. Women may have been right but many other women called this a fake publicity stunt when women came up with harassment allegations.

In all these cases, the most were related to the workplace. Some bosses and managers were also blamed in the whole game. Seeing this trend, people stopped hiring female workers for their companies. The result is that more women are suffering. Even honest and fair women are facing the outcomes when they are denied jobs because of this fear. The companies are tending to become the only male. Whoever is to be blamed, the consequences are not in favor of women.

Women Harassment at Workplace

There are different forms of workplace women harassment. We are going to discuss some of these and how these are the factors that forced employers to stop hiring women and prefer men over them.

Verbal Sexual Harassment

If we analyze the women’s allegations and cases of harassment, all of these have any one form of harassment. But the problem is many cases are still pending. Verbal sexual harassment is often reported at the workplace. The male colleagues try to seduce the females and tease them. They are often threatened to make relationships with them if they have to work there.

Sexual Touching

This is quite common. In many industries like film and entertainment, this is something people have accepted for years. The experts say touching becomes an offense when women are not ready to accept it. However, at the workplace, this is a serious offense and the companies should do something to deal with this. Many women have reported sexual touching encounters when the male colleagues did such things intentionally.

Bullying at Workplace

Women are always pressed at work. They are pressurised in many industries and don’t even get paid enough for the jobs they do. This is a serious issue throughout the world. The sad thing is nothing has been done to deal with bullying at the workplace. Women face the most cases of bullying from male colleagues.

Sexual Relationship Demands

In the recent series of allegations, many women blamed the bosses asked them to make sexual relationships with them if they have to get a job, role in the movies, a part to play in the drama and other sectors. This is the worst form of harassment. Women have needed but they can’t compromise on their dignity when they have to do a job. In this case, the males should show respect towards women and understand them.

What is the Ultimate Outcome?

The outcome of all this is worrying for everyone. Bosses have stopped hiring female workers and women for even the smallest roles at their companies. Bosses, managers, directors, and other executives are not willing to accept women because many people were alleged of sexual harassment and they had to pay a heavy cost of this. Males are not going to compromise on their careers when women come with allegations and never prove them.

How to Deal with This?

Dealing with such things is not easy. It takes some time and courage to introduce measures that prevent such things. First, the women need to be clear if something is harassment or not. They should have proof when they put allegations. If women can’t prove such things, they should be fired.

The next thing companies should do is to make policies regarding workplace harassment. Male colleagues and employees should be trained and instructed to not engage in such things otherwise they will be forced to resign. There should be proper checks and balances and the smallest issues of harassment should be addressed immediately.


Lastly, the companies should resort to BlurSPY employee monitoring software. This is an amazing option to keep eye on the employees, monitor their activities, and find out if something is wrong. A spy app for Android along with video surveillance will be the perfect combination to deal with workplace harassment and protect women. Moreover, women should also be careful when they put such allegations otherwise every working woman will have to suffer the consequences of what a few women do.

Lina Jackie

Lina Jackie is a Web Content Writer at BlurSPY. She's a relationship adviser. Her main field of interest is cyberbullying, harassment at the workplace, and the use of android spy app in business, social and personal circles.

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