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How To Upgrade Your Outfit Like A Celebrity

You might have always wondered how a celebrity often look like they have just stepped off the runway or even when they are spotted out shopping or at the airport. 

How are they pulling off any look effortlessly? How do they manage to throw on an outfit and end up looking fabulous every time?

Well, the secret might surprise you! It’s not about money, but it’s about how you put out the entire outfit together. We will help you to style trendy women’s clothing and bring out your inner celebrity to turn heads certainly. You can easily show your personality through your every outfit. Let’s see how you can upgrade your wardrobe on a budget.

Adding playfulness of colors, layers, and proportions 

Experiment with proportions and layers

When it comes to styling and fashion, celebrities are known for playing with proportions. It’s essential to balance between sleeves, hemlines, and shoes that can make or break your outfit. Wearing small with the tall or understated with an eye-catching obviously can take your celebrity inspiration to epic proportions. 

  • Style a mini skirt with a long-sleeved blouse and sandals. 
  • Wear a trench coat with a denim skirt and turtleneck top.

Go for monochromatic 

Try a celebrity-worthy style statement, dress up all in one hue for a chic look. It is a great way to draw attention to a statement-worthy pair of shoes, structured bag, or hairstyle. However, you opt for the same hue or different shades of the same color. 

  • Style out skinny black jeans with a black moto jacket, ankle boots, and a black structured handbag for a perfect bold look. 
  • Try out a simple white dress from online boutiques USA with a white blazer over it.

Mix and match with patterns 

It’s easy to put together an ensemble that includes different prints or patterns if you choose it well. Often celebrities are seen sporting this mix of prints and patterns. You can wear doubles with identical prints. You can wear two pieces with different designs with the same base color or try opting for similar prints in a different size. 

  • Style black denim with a white stripe top and printed sneakers. 
  • Match at least one color in your print to the other color print you are wearing.

Reckoning some statement pieces 

Opt for a statement coat 

One of the best ways to follow celebrity style is to wear a statement coat. When you move outside, the coat is the first and probably the only piece of clothing people will observe. Try experimenting with some patterns, colors, and fabrics that turn heads by showing off your personality. 

  • Make a style statement with a white fur coat. 
  • Opt for something different by styling a pink puffer coat.

A statement accessory to enhance the outfit

You can rock trendy accessories from a women’s western wear boutique that help you to make a statement. Choose one or two and pair it with a basic outfit. Keep in mind that less is more when you’re opting for a style statement with your accessories. 

  • A little black dress with dangling earrings and a cuff bracelet is your party-ready look.
  • Pair a choker necklace with denim and a white tee.

Sunglasses are enough! 

You can simply turn out the outfit by adding a stylish pair of glasses. You can choose any pair, either a designer or a budget-friendly pair that reflects your personality. 

Showing off your style with SHOES 

Wear over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots are versatile ever and surely make heads turn. Celebrities are rocking this style with several outfits, whether it’s for running errands or moving out on the town. You can also add height by choosing a heeled boot or opt for a more comfortable option in a flat-bottom style. 

  • Pair brown suede over the knee boots with a mini skirt and neutral sweater. 
  • Try out shiny black over-the-knee boots with your gorgeous LBD.

Go for nude shoes

Nude shoes you can style with simply any outfit. It adds a touch of sophistication. Celebrities are frequently spotted styling nude shoes as it can quickly eliminate the problem of figuring out what to wear. Opt for shoes that reflect your personality and can go well with your closet style. 

  • For a perfect sexy look, opt for nude pumps with short dresses.
  • Dress up your casual shorts and white top look with nude sandals.

Try a pair of white sneakers.

White sneakers – an eternal style of shoes! Celebrities can be spotted wearing it no matter the season or locale. They are comfortable to wear and timeless to style off. You can wear and style them all year long, and you might have outfits too ready in your closet that you can pair them with. 

  • A long blazer dress you can pair with classic white sneakers for a perfect street-style look. 
  • Update your denim on denim look with your favorite shiny white sneakers.

Wrapping it up:

Celebrity fashion is not about having expensive things; it is about showing off your personality. You need to understand yourself first so you can communicate better by styling your outfits. Inspirations are all around you; you just need to grab them when it comes to fashion. First, work on your taste and then improvise on your fashion skill, and you can make any outfit upgraded in style like a celebrity. Go for some amazing outfits from trendy women’s clothing to elevate your style effortlessly. 

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