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How to Start a Online Yoga Studio for Your Live Yoga Classes


Yoga is preferred by people worldwide for obvious health benefits. Since yoga is relaxing and serene, people are preferring online yoga studios. Nowadays, fitness enthusiasts prefer practicing yoga at home with a sense of tranquillity. Also, people are migrating towards video online yoga streaming apps launched for smartphones and connected TVs.

In this technological era, people are discontinuing their cable TV subscriptions and moving towards OTT platforms. The recent COVID pandemic also aided in increasing the demand for yoga streaming services. People could not step out of their homes during the pandemic but could enjoy a live yoga class online.

Many yoga companies are leveraging the power of yoga streaming platforms to generate revenue. With the adoption of technology, you are no longer limited to only one geographic location. You can build a vast user base around the globe through online yoga streaming. At-home yoga is booming and you can be a part of it by launching a reliable online yoga platform. 

The yoga & pilates market in the USA is worth more than USD 12 billion. By the end of 2021, the market size of yoga & pilates studio in the USA will increase by 0.1%. Even if you have a physical yoga institute, you can still enhance the learning experience of your students via a yoga streaming platform. Read on to know how to build your own yoga studio. 

Reasons for Developing a Yoga Streaming Platform in 2021 

There is a vast online community dedicated to yoga on social media platforms. The best streaming yoga services or fitness streaming platforms in the market are generating huge revenue by targeting the online yoga community.

The reasons for providing online yoga classes are as follows: 

Digital Transformation 

According to a survey, yoga instructors that shift to online streaming platforms earn more than USD 7,000 per month. With digital transformation, you can enhance your reach and revenue-generating capacity. Fitness enthusiasts love to connect to their favorite yoga instructor via an online streaming platform. A teach yoga online platform will let you gather expert yogis from different geographic locations.   

Build a Global User Base 

You can build a vast community worldwide by live-streaming yoga classes. Streaming platforms do not have any geographic boundaries and you can attract students from around the world. You can help many people gain peace of mind through yoga and become an influencer. 

Create Passive Income Option 

You can record your yoga classes and can sell them repeatedly to different customers. A yoga streaming platform will make you money even when you are sleeping. In 2021, it is better to expand your income sources by adding a passive income option. You can make money online yoga by putting in the least manual effort. 

A Definitive Guide on How to Start a Yoga Business Online 

The online fitness market will grow with an impressive CAGR of 30% and more by 2026. It is the best time to make money for online yoga practitioners. If you want to teach yoga online, below are the step to follow:  

Launch a Virtual Yoga Studio 

The best way to teach yoga online is to launch a virtual yoga studio. You need to decide on a streaming platform for connecting to your audience. It is advised to build a customized streaming platform for providing online yoga classes. If you don’t have an online audience, then start by sharing your yoga videos on social media and launching a yoga streaming platform. 

Choose Topics for Your Yoga Classes 

What type of yoga classes will you teach online? There are more than 20 types of yoga that can be taught. Choose those yoga topics for your online classes that you are excellent at. Some of the popular types of yoga are Bikram, Hatha, Iyengar, and Kundalini. You can teach multiple yoga types if you are comfortable with it. 

Market Your Unique Yoga Style 

What would be the USP (Unique Selling Point) of your yoga streaming platform? Create fitness app enthusiasts are looking for unique yoga styles that can improve their health and mental peace. You can develop a never-seen style of yoga and can market it via an online streaming platform. 

Develop a Website for Your Yoga Studio 

You can create a yoga website to facilitate your customers and enhance your reach. You can develop progressive web applications and can build a global community. Make sure to implement an intuitive user interface for your yoga website to facilitate the customers. 

Create a User Funnel and Enhance Your Reach 

How to start teaching yoga online and attract viewers? Well, by creating an effective user funnel, you can unlock new markets for your online fitness platform. The best yoga streaming apps in the market also adopt effective marketing strategies. 

Monetize Your Fitness Videos 

How to take online yoga classes and generate revenue? Well, you need to monetize your yoga videos and sell them to customers via a live streaming platform. You can sell merchandise and other yoga products to customers to generate revenue.  

How to Build a Yoga Platform and Monetise Videos

The best yoga streaming services in the market adopt a robust monetization model for generating revenue. Some of the top monetization options for your live yoga streaming platform are:  

  • SVOD: A subscription-based model provides access to live yoga classes online for a month, quarter, or year. During their subscription period, users can access all the yoga content on your streaming platform.
  • AVOD: An advertisement-based model will provide yoga content to viewers with advertisements. Fitness enthusiasts will have to pay for watching the fitness content without ads.
  • TVOD: A transaction-based model will charge users only for the yoga videos they watch. It is known as a pay-per-view model and you can sell the same yoga videos repeatedly using this revenue model. 


You can build your own yoga studio by contacting a white-label live streaming platform provider. A white-label fitness video on demand platform provider can develop a unique streaming solution for you. Launch your yoga streaming platform now!


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