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A Comprehensive Guide On Weave Hair Extensions: Meaning, Purpose, Pros, and Cons

Hair weave were only a popular trend among celebrities and wealthy folks, but nowadays many women wear hair extensions as a fashion accessory. For a special event, a lot of women walk tall with gorgeous long hair. Regardless of your hair type or length, weaving hair instantly increases hair volume and length.

Many women wear weave hair, and you might be using them too. If you are wearing hair weaves, you ought to know about your weave hair well. For you, new buddies, this guide will help you understand a lot about weave hair. So, put on your anti-glare glasses and grab a cup of tea – let’s learn about weave hair extensions.

What are Weave Hair Extensions and What Purpose Do They Serve?

The client’s hair is usually braided into cornrows. Then weave extensions are gathered at the top and put together. Sew a needle and thread into the area where the hair seals together with the extension. Hair extensions are then sewn onto the tracks to secure them in the client’s hair. Weave hair extensions are incredibly versatile because they can match your natural hair in various colors, lengths, and textures.

Pros of Weave Hair Extensions

  • The Best Realistic Look Ever

Sew-ins are more realistic than other extensions

Sew-ins are more realistic than other extensions

The sew-in technique is the most natural-looking way to wear hair extensions. Since the small strands of extensions are sewed into your natural hair, it is impossible to detect. Professionals are good at concealing the tracks where you sewed the extensions – you don’t have to worry about the look!

  • Increase Hair Volume and Length

Increase hair volume and length to fine hair

Increase hair volume and length to fine hair

Weave Hair increase hair volume and allows you to achieve a variety of fuller hairstyles. If you believe your natural hair will never achieve long beach waves or a long gorgeous ponytail, weave hair can help. Not just pony and beach waves, you can experiment with various new hairstyles. And for fine-haired ladies out there, use weave extensions to boost volume. With enough volume, you can also wear some hairstyles that you couldn’t have done with your own hair.

  • Versatile; Style the Way You Want 

You can try any trendy hairstyle you come across on social media. Yes, whatever look you want to achieve! Go wild, crazy, and super-flirty with human hair extensions. You already have volume and length, now show the picture of the hairstyle you want to your stylist and relax on a salon chair. The stylist will have your hair recreated to a perfect hairstyle that you wished.

  • Super Flexible – Goes Everywhere

Weave extensions are super flexible

Weave extensions are super flexible

Unlike tape-ins and clip-ins, weave extensions are super flexible. Play sports, work out, jump into a pool, sleep without worry; nothing will happen to your weave hair extension. It is a permanent human hair extension; you can wear it anywhere until the end of its life span.

  • Minimum Damage

Weave hair extensions cause minimum damage to your hair and scalp. The sew-in technique is much better than glues, tapes, and micro-ring methods. Adhesives may contain chemicals that can deteriorate the health of your scalp, while micro-ring puts a lot of pressure on your strands. The sew-in process uses your hair just as an anchor to sew the extensions.

  • Long-Lasting 

Sew-in hair extensions are extremely long-lasting and easy to manage. With proper care, weave hair extensions can last up to five or six months. Then you will have to change the extensions. Human hair extensions are incredibly durable, and it is quite a significant benefit for users. You can save some with weave hair.

Cons of Weave Hair Extensions 

  • Pulls Your Natural Hair

Weaves may pull your natural hai

Weaves may pull your natural hair

Weave extensions pull your natural hair and may cause follicles to loosen up. Usually, it happens when you are using large wefts, long strands, and high-density extensions. If you don’t consider these factors, weave extensions might weigh your head down. Pulling of your hair often leads to headaches. In the long run, headaches may even lead to migraines.  

  • May Lead to Hair Loss

Weaves may result in hair loss

Weaves may result in hair loss

This point is closely related to the disadvantage mentioned above. Tugging of natural hair often results in damaging hair follicles. Hair shafts loosen over time, and then your hair starts shedding. Believe it or not, weave hair may give you traction alopecia.

  • Time-Consuming to Install

Weave hair has yet another obvious disadvantage. Sewing in strands by strands into your hair takes a lot of time. Installing weave hair will need a special appointment with your stylist. Have you got the patience? Because the process may take several hours!

  • Risk of Infection

Schedule to wash your hair regularly – otherwise, sweats and products in your hair will impose a high risk of bacterial accumulation. To avoid infection, wash your hair three to four times a week with a mild shampoo and feed them with conditioning treatment.

How To Install Weave Hair Extensions?

Always leave this process to professionals. Installing weave hair extensions is complicated and quite a hectic process. There is no DIY when it comes to weaving hair. That’s why let us just list the steps (not go into detail) to understand how it is done. 

Step 1: Divide your hair into several sections

Step 2: Braid each section near the roots (braids are usually not too tight or loose – tight braids will give you a headache, and loose ones will not hold the extension firmly)

Step 3: Then sew in the extension with needle and thread. The extensions are sewn into rows. 

These three are the professional steps to sew human hair extensions. The process could take up to four to five hours, so relax and let your stylist work. 

How To Maintain Weave Hair Extensions?

Probably you are tired of people telling you to take care of your hair extensions, wash your wigs, and condition your human hair, but you have to do what’s best for your accessory. You have to practice the care routine if you want your human hair extensions to be durable, gorgeous, and healthy. The care routine is pretty simple for weaves as the strands are always on your head, just like your natural hair. You can maintain them as you do with your natural hair. Here are four care tips for maintaining your weave extensions. By the way, these tips are all DIYs – you can implement them in the comfort of your home.

Tip 1: Don’t Be Too Harsh With a Hair Brush

Brush your hair gently

Brush your hair gently

When you pick up a brush early in the morning, remember that you are wearing sew-in hair extensions. Go easy on your hair with a brush! Hold your hair at the roots and gently comb down towards the ends. 

Tip 2: Wash Them Regularly

Wash your weave hair regularly

Wash your weave hair regularly

Plan on a regular washing schedule for your weave hair. Use lukewarm water and a mild shampoo to wash your hair (with weave extensions). They are gentler to your hair and won’t cause any harm. 

Tip 3: Enrich Your Weave with Conditioning Treatment

Treat your weave extension with a deep conditioning treatment–at least twice a week. Make the strands silky, soft, and smooth. 

Tip 4: Protect your Weave Extension While Sleeping

Protect your weave extensions while sleeping

Protect your weave extensions while sleeping

This is a very crucial tip for sew-in users. While sleeping with extensions on your head, the damage is too much! So, put your hair up into a bun and wrap it with a silk scarf before hitting your head on the pillow. 


Sewing is an advanced method of wearing hair extensions. Weave extensions stand out from other extensions because of the most realistic look that they offer. If you want to achieve the perfect natural look, a weave hair extension is your perfect option. 

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