How to Select Rechargeable or Disposable Vapes

How to Choose Between Rechargeable and Disposable Vapes

Whether you’re a smoker and looking to quit smoking for a better alternative or you made the choice a long ago, you can get confused between the two types of vapes. Including rechargeable and disposable vapes or Puff bars, though both are seen as a good alternative to smoking, each has distinguishing characteristics and features.

Choosing the right type of vape device depends on how you will use it and what qualities you’re looking for in the vapouriser. If you’re seeking a vape which you can reuse, you can select a rechargeable device, in another case as a beginner you must go for disposable vapes. These are the main kinds of vapes that don’t lack any major quality vape devices.

For example, both give the liberty of selecting preferable substances, i.e, e-liquid or dry herbs as well as flavour. Despite the fact, there are significant differences, as there are more choices of options in rechargeable vapes and disposable vapes require less maintenance plus are cost-effective. So it matters what are your personal preferences while using a vape device?

So to make it easier for you to make a choice, there are some factors on how to choose between rechargeable and disposable vapes, given below.

  1. Consider the purpose of using vapes:

If you have recently turned down smoking and switched to vaping, you need to realise why did you do that. There are many reasons for giving up smoking for vaping, including willingness to avail of cost-effective options in exchange for heavy expenditure on cigarettes, flavour choices, and the option to control nicotine intake.

Before anything else, while making a decision, keep your intention for moving to vapes in mind. It will make it clear which vape type would fulfil your needs.

  1. Look for the vape type which serves your requirements:

However, if you’re not concerned about the way you’re about to use the device and just want to experience vaping without any aim which is very unlikely, you can go for any type of device. As in the most possible cases that if you’re looking too for best economical solution in replacement of cigarettes then definitely you can go for disposable vapes like Elf bar lost mary and Solo vape.

Evidently, this type of vape cost way less than the other rechargeable vape category. As one disposable vape usually costs between $4 to $10 dollars, whereas a rechargeable vape is priced within the range of $19 – $60. So in case of achieving success in your hunt for a less expensive option, go check these disposable ones at (site link).

  1. Look for the other qualities in both kinds of vapes:

Though both have advantages over cigarettes and are a better alternative solution, they have

pros as well as cons in one or another way. None of these is inferior to traditional cigarettes, the disadvantages are only considered one over the other. It means if one has a quality which is not present in another, it counts as a drawback. So to make you understand better and help you make a selection, here are a few pros and cons of both vapes starting from rechargeable devices.

Rechargeable vapes devices:


These vapes are reusable devices, which can be recharged, refilled, and maintained for future use. The batteries use in these devices are replaceable and rechargeable, once a battery is low or down, you can change or recharge it as per what is required. These come with prefilled e-liquid or preferred substances, once is empty you can stuff them again with the material.

Additionally, there is a vast range of flavour choices in the rechargeable device rather than disposables. You can also change, mix, and customise flavour as whatever you like according to your taste. Most significantly you can modify the level of nicotine and temperature measurement in accordance with your preferences.


Though the inevitable features, there are a few disadvantages that might compel you to choose disposables over these. Number one is these devices need to be prepared before use. Second, they require maintenance, as once the substance, e-juice you’re using ends you’ll need to reload the vape tank of the device. Moreover, these are costly devices, you need to spend more money to purchase and also there are expenses to maintain these devices.

On the other hand, Disposable vapes.


These types of devices are ready to use equipment, once you buy you can start vaping straight away without any hassle of preparation. These devices require zero maintenance, easily carried and used. They come along with prefilled e-juice, you can choose to buy the device having the flavour of your choice. Furthermore, these are highly cost-efficient devices, you need to spend a little amount of money to buy one.

Vapes are often confused with the term e-cigarettes. Although they are the same in nature, there is a difference in the terminology of both. E-cigs were the first-ever alternative to traditional cigarettes. Since they were cig-a-likes and worked with a battery, they were called e-cigs.

There was not much variety in e-cigarettes. But as time changed and technology evolved, many variances of e-cigs were introduced. The term coined for using e-cigs was vaping. So vapes are the more advanced version of e-cigarettes.

Mod Vapes:

Vape mods are more advanced and have many features like adjustable airflow that allows you to change your vaping style from MTL to DTL or the other way around. Mods have control buttons and a larger battery.

They are not disposable vapes but instead reusable vape devices. A display screen shows voltage, wattage and battery capacity. Mods are also available in the form of a temperature-control system where you can set a particular temperature for your coil and prevent it from burning out.

Sub-Ohm Vape Tanks:

Sub-ohm vapes are those in which the coil is made of a material that has less than 1 Ohm resistance. These coils allow more current to pass through them and produce bigger clouds and warmer vapours. The battery is drained faster in sub-ohm vaping, and the e-liquid also evaporates more quickly.

Now that you know about all the devices, the decision is up to you. It depends on your preference whether you want to choose a disposable vape kit like Solo vape or a reusable device. If you are into bigger clouds, you can go for sub-ohm vaping. But if you like to have liberty over e-liquid nicotine concentrations and flavour, you can try a mod system.

Mods allow you to experiment around and find the best vape conditions that make you feel the thrill and perfection. If you are looking for an easy to use device that requires less maintenance, you can choose a vape pod.

It is a nice and simple device that requires very low maintenance. You can replace your tank and enjoy any vape juice having different PG/VG ratios, flavours or nicotine strength. The batteries in vape pods are long-lasting and more powerful, so you can use the same device by replacing the tank.


There are non-customisable, and not reusable once empty. If a device becomes empty of e-juice or battery the whole device is useless. Since it doesn’t enable users to replace vape tanks, refill e-liquid, or charge batteries.


As both devices have advantages and disadvantages in one or. You must select the type that suits your needs while keeping the aforementioned factors in high consideration. Hopefully, this blog has helped you make the right choice.

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