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How to revamp the website for better conversion?

Businesses are worldwide and most of them use the online platform by having website. Now a-days online is the new way to do your business. If you want to grow your business substantially, you definitely need to go online. Being online gives you the exposure that traditional way doesn’t.

But only being online is not enough either. You need to put some efforts and mind into it to make sure you are on the right path, i.e., the path to success. Most of the business is struggling with the problem of conversions from the online platform. This is a common problem around the world.

If your website is adjusted the right way, it will make sure to convert the most of your “maybe buyers” audience into “actual buyers”. This single thing for a business is a very big feat. Business wants more sales and if your website is properly configure, you will definitely get high sales.

Now the problem arises when you realize that you already have your website running, but it is not making the actual conversions. A lot of times people have very attractive and pleasant looking website. But sadly that website is not made with conversions in mind. This leads to a attractive website but not attractive sales.

To solve this problem easily you just have to take some simple steps to make sure your website has the necessary adjustments for better conversions.

Add a pop up to your website

Now a day if you are visiting a website there are a lot of chances that you will find a popup on that site. Pop up’s are very famous now a days for helping the websites increasing their conversion rates. According to a study popup’s generally tend to increase the conversion rate of a website by at least 3.06 % and in some extreme cases they boost the website’s conversion rates till 10 %. And if you till now have not implemented the popup’s in your website then it is the right time to make your conversions go skyrocket.

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Delete unwanted Form Fields

There has been a time in mostly all of our online lives that we stumbled across an online form and we did not fill it cause of its ginormous length. Forms are a great way to make sure you get a lot of information of your visitors online. But they sometimes also cause the customers to flee. This happens when they see a form which is very lengthy and they are not ready to give that much time and efforts filling that form. So to make sure this do not happen you need to make sure to delete all the unwanted fields from your forms.

Adding Reviews and testimonials and logos

If a viewer sees a review of the product that they are about to buy and they are satisfied with the review then most likely they are going to buy that product. This also happens when they see a testimony or some famous brands logo on your website. These things help to build up the trust. And trust helps to build up the sense of security hence increasing the sales.

Remove Distractions

Distractions are the biggest enemy for conversions. When a viewer visits your website it should look clean and beautiful. Only include what you need on the page and nothing else. There should not be any kind of distractions or repelling things. Distraction leads the customer away from purchase. Make sure to include visuals with text.

Make the initial step really easy

The first steps are the biggest steps. When talking about conversions you need to make sure that you take the first steps the right way. Your first steps should be small and sturdy. Humans have a psychological tendency to finish the things they have started. Getting the first step right makes the conversion rate much easier.

Add third party signup service

A lot of sites today use a third party sign up system. This is a very trending thing in today’s online business. Having a third party signup build up trust factor and also provides ease of use to the customer. This makes the conversion process for you a bit easy than usual.

Add live chat

Adding live chat is the best thing you can do to make sure your customers are not puzzled at all. If they have any kind of doubt about anything they can just reach out to your live chat executive and can get their query solved in just a matter of seconds.

And here is one more tip from us though it is not a conversion tip, but it actually will help you increase your sales by 10 to 15 %. All you need to do is to add a point of purchase up-sell. By doing this, it will increase your revenue without effecting your current sales. You need to ensure that customer have the opportunity to order a complimentary thing with his/ her main order at the time of ordering the main product. This is well proven and tested way of increasing your sales.


In conclusion, we can say that it is very easy and simple to make your potential customer to your actual customer all you need to do is to make sure you follow some of our tips and do all the things the right way. If your services or products are of good quality then they are likely to sell more even without these changes. But having a cherry on the top is not bad at all. You should definitely try to implement these changes to maximize your chances of getting more sales. And at last what matters is how and what value you provide to your customers. This thing alone makes your business either run or drown.

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