How To Identify Problems In The Electrical System Of A Motorcycle?

Just like cars, motorcycle owners also need to get regular servicing of their vehicles. Regular servicing of a vehicle can prevent it from harm and will also ensure that your bike lasts you a long time. Every motorcycle owner should know how to fix the small problems of their vehicle. Though you can easily find a motorcycle mechanic for repairing purposes one should know the basics of motorcycle repairs. A motorcycle can cause problems due to a variety of reasons like handling problems, brake problems, rust problems, high fuel consumption, a punctured bike and so much more.

High Fuel Consumption:

It is the most common problem which is faced by motorcycle owners. And it is most commonly neglected by the owners. High fuel consumption has a direct relation with engine oil. Getting the engine oil changed on a regular basis when it is due, is very important. If your motorcycle is consuming high fuel, then there are chances that your engine oil servicing is due.

Not having complete control over the vehicle:

Handling plays a crucial role in the longevity of your motorcycle. Complete control over your bike means that you are handling it correctly. Parking and riding the bike in smooth places ensures that no damage is done to the exterior of the bike and also makes sure that the tires remain in good condition.

Harm to the Alternator:

Alternator failure is a very common problem in motorcycles and can easily happen without anyone noticing. It is mostly out of the control of the rider but there are several ways in which it can be checked. Before the alternator completely stops working,

it gives out signs such as the headlights start to dim, the gauges start to flicker and you also there is an unusual smell before it completely stops working. Since, the alternator is connected to many other systems hence, delaying in getting the problem fixed can cause severe damage to the other systems as well.

Electrical Diagnosis of a motorcycle:

Keeping a lookout for the symptoms:

The engine is like the heart of a motorcycle which controls all of its functions. When there is a problem with the engine and it is not diagnosed on time then the whole body of the motorcycle feels its severe negative impacts. If one feels that there is even the slightest of damage to the motorcycle then they should immediately take it to a mechanic. One should keep a lookout for any and every symptom which can be related to the electrical system of a motorcycle.

The symptoms of a failing engine include difficulty in turning on a vehicle, having issues with the battery, etc. If are not sure that the engine is having some problems then you can test it out before you take it to a mechanic. You can simply turn on the engine and listen for any unusual sounds that might be coming from it.

Separate the system:

If you feel that there is even the slightest problem with the battery charging or the working of the engine then it is best for the vehicle, that you completely isolate it from the rest of the electrical system. This needs to be done immediately because the slightest delay in it can severely damage the motorcycle. The high chances are that there might be a problem with the electrical wiring of the system.

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Testing the generator and alternator:

For ensuring that the vehicle does not receive an electric shock or any other physical injury, one should check the generator and the alternator. These both are the same, do not get confused by the names. Older bikes have a generator whereas the newer bikes have alternators. These can be easily checked with a voltmeter, if the electricity is not flowing through them then the probable chances are the wire is damaged somewhere.

These are the most common problems which occur in the electrical system of the motorcycle. After checking for all these, if you are still unable to identify the problem then taking the bike to a mechanic is the best option.

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