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How to Know It’s Time to Sell Your Investment Property?

Being a real estate investor, you must be in the habit of making the right decision by periodically evaluating your options to buy, hold on, and sell. This is mainly important for the landlords in Baltimore, who are trying to make real estate investment their primary source of income.

You would barely get any situation where you will get clear ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers for managing your Baltimore rental properties. You will have to consider several things to make the right decision that makes more sense. Also, it should be good for you and your financial goals.

Holding onto a rental property for too long can bring risks, but when is the right time to sell your property is still a question.

Property selling is a matter of timing, but not the timing alone. Hence, it’s difficult to decide which time or when it’s the right time to sell your property. The reasons could be several for selling an investment property, maybe you want to clear off debts, or you want a change. Whatever the reason is, it’s not easy to decide when to sell a property.

The market is full of ups and downs, and nobody would like to sell their rental property at a low rate. But it is almost impossible to find out what the next booming period will be. Apart from the financial benefits, several other things that can be a sign of selling your investment property.

Reasons to Sell Property

An average investor will hold on to a property for 7-10 years. But that doesn’t mean you will set this as a rule for you. Some also hold on to a property more than this. That completely depends on an individual’s decision.

Here are the four times when you can sell your property

No potential for future growth

If your property is located in a stagnant or declining market then it’s a big reason for you to sell your property. You should take the decision immediately before the market further declines. Such type of market will not help you grow in the future.

You have some other plans

If you have recently retired and want to work part-time then it’s better to sell your property as you will not get enough time for managing your rental property. Many people have some other plans after being retired. There’s a time to work and take a rest as well. So, if you have to work for a long time in this industry then it’s time for you to take a rest. Or, if you have some other plans in the future then selling property is the better option for you.

Investment property isn’t working well

It’s not necessary every investment property in every area will work the same as you expected. If your property is not generating enough cash flow or the property’s value is depreciating then sell your property. The best time for you to sell the property that’s not performing well is when the market is stable. Selling the property would be more beneficial than renting.

You have found a better investment opportunity

You may not have noticed the earlier opportunities and bought this property. Now, you have found a better investment opportunity that can guarantee more ROI. This is also a good reason to sell your property. By selling the property you can make capital for your new investment property.

Well, these are the top common reasons to sell a rental property in Baltimore. Most landlords sell their properties for the above-mentioned reasons. However, some other things also give you a sign to sell your property.

After discussing the common reasons to sell an investment property, let’s see the signs that tell you to sell your property.

Signs that Tell It’s Time to Sell Your Rental Property

Being a landlord is more problematic for you

Being a landlord, you may aware of all the requirements for managing a rental property. But, answering calls every day and night is not possible for you. You are not ready to handle tenants’ complaints at midnight. You have now tired of handling these issues. Well, one of the best ways to tackle this is hiring a professional property management company in Baltimore. But it’s important to consider your budget first. If your budget allows you to have a property manager then hand over your property to them. And if not, start preparing for selling your investment property.

Your property now worth more than you bought at

The real estate market always fluctuates. It goes up and down. And based on the condition of your property its value increases. If you have successfully maintained your property that its value has been increased then it’s the best time for you to sell your property. It could earn more than renting.

You see no profits anymore

You might have been managing the property for a long time, but now it seems like there’s no advantage of holding onto it. The market rents may have dropped and suddenly the taxes, utilities, and insurance have risen. If this is the situation then you should immediately contact a broker or a real estate agent to sell your property at a good profit.

You need changes in life

Maybe you have got bored of what you were doing in the past years. Managing rental homes is not easy. At first glance, it looks appealing but later you realize you are not meant for it. don’t want to manage a rental property as a landlord anymore then opt for selling your Baltimore rental homes.

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You cannot afford the maintenance cost

You must provide the rental property to your tenants in a habitable condition. But, maintaining the property can get expensive. If you are finding it difficult to fund costly repairs, and also it has started affecting your cash flow then selling is your answer.


Maybe in some situations (mentioned above), you might feel like selling your property. But you can also consider hiring an experienced property management company in Baltimore. If you could afford it, let a property manager help you resolve all the issues related to property maintenance.

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