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Unspoken Rules Among Lash Artists and Experts

Lashes are all the rage — and rightfully so. Are They? Yes, it adds a little Spice to your life as the slogan goes! 

Eyelash extensions have come a long way from just being a beauty-enhancing function; they now play a huge role in many professions. This is why anyone new to lashes must learn what those who have been around while knowing to be part of the lash industry and not a liability.

The top tips to remember for lash experts 

1. The meet with mascara

There is a brand new type of mascara out, and it’s mascara; your lashes first and then apply for lash extensions. Why? The mascara you use with the extensions on may cause clumping and other problems that can lead to brush bristles catching on your lashes. So if you apply the mascara after the extensions, there will be nothing to catch on to.

2. The dangers of glue

You can make it easier for the technician, many types of glue are available to use during application. However, if you choose not to use adhesive remover, know that your lashes will come out shorter and less full because they were attached to oil from your skin and natural lashes.

3. Know your extension type

There are two types of lashes used commonly today: “Fusion” and “Tape.” Fusion is a more expensive ingredient than regular lash glue because it’s made with keratin, which is the same object found in our hair and nails.

4. Know your lash options

Extensions come in various weights per strand (i.e., .07 grams is very thin, .10 is average, and .15 is full) as well as curl shapes (i.e., Korean curl, Latin curl, etc.).

The weight and curl of lashes will affect how many you get per box. 

Keep in mind that lighter lashes are easier to apply, but they also get weighed down faster by your natural lash. Also, know that lighter lashes will break more easily than the fuller ones during removal (which needs to be done every 2-3 weeks).

5. Know your curl type

The curl of eyelash can also affect how many you get per box. A Korean or Square curl gives a natural look and is great for those who wear contacts as it offers minimal interference with their vision, but they tend to be longer, so you don’t get as many per boxes.

6. Know your length

Classic eyelash extensions have become a fashion statement and today’s natural look is very long, so it only makes sense that lashes come in various lengths. This means that you can choose to have a quick fill-in or a full set of lashes. Generally speaking, short lashes are more natural-looking, and fuller lashes give a more dramatic appearance.

7. Lash serums or not

Lash treatment and serums are available, and many technicians claim that they help with the bonding process of lash extensions. But remember that the only thing they may be doing is softening your natural lashes so they can bond better without being weighed down by oil from your skin and adding some shine effect to the lashes after application.

8. Are custom lashes better?  

Yes, it’s perfect. It’s professional since it is built to custom measurements, and it looks fantastic because of that. But, of course, that’s because you’re getting your suit tailored, so there can’t be anything wrong with it, right?

9. Know your allergy or sensitivity 

Many people with allergies have found that they’re allergic to eyelash glue. Even though it’s a different form today, if you find yourself getting an eye infection every time a technician applies for lash extensions, chances are you may be allergic or sensitive to the material.

10. Touching is not good

Technicians and customers may be tempted to touch the volume lashes, but do so at your own risk as you can distribute germs or pollen from recently manicured hands to your eyes. This will cause irritation very quickly, so either use gloves or wash your hands first before touching anything.

11. Watery eyes and the problems they cause

Volume eyelash extensions are held on with a water-resistant adhesive that can withstand tears, but you must know that they will not look as good if your eyes tend to tear up often. Also, if you’re allergic to the adhesive, it might be a good idea to consult your doctor before getting them applied.

12. A/C or Humidifier?  

Your eyes can feel dry when you have the air conditioner turned on or if it’s very humid. So consider getting a humidifier or taking your time to leave the comfort of your home before heading to the salon.

13. To sculpt or not to sculpt

Some technicians prefer to shape the lashes as they go, while others prefer to shape them beforehand. It’s really up to you, but filling in the lashes on top with gel or powder will give it that natural effect.


Lash extensions can be a fun and great alternative to mascara, but it’s important to remember that they should never take the place of proper lash care. If you go back to your technician frequently for fills (the process of adding more lashes as your extensions fall out), you will find yourself spending much less money in the long run, as well as having longer-lasting lashes.

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