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How to Optimize Your Amazon Listing in Quick Steps

There are more than 5 million sellers on Amazon. It’s crucial that your products stand out in search results. This is why optimizing your Amazon listing is so important. Your company can increase sales and brand awareness by investing in Amazon optimization.

Audit your product listing

You must create a plan before you can optimize your products. It’s important to begin your product listing optimization by reviewing your Amazon product listings.

Product title

Amazon recommends that product titles follow the format (Brand + Model No + Model Name + Product Type). You should include targeted keywords and make use of the 200 characters limit.

Product images

Amazon’s guidelines for product images are to use a white background as your primary image. You should have at least 7-9 photos to show the full product features.

Product features

The product features are five bullet points located to the right side of your product images. They should highlight your unique selling points (USPs). You can choose from a rust-resistant product, an extended warranty or premium ingredients.

Product reviews

Although they are not under your direct control, product reviews can have an impact on how high you rank in search results. These reviews also have an impact on the purchasing decisions of shoppers. You want to have a lot of satisfied customers, so review management is crucial.

Product rating

Your product reviews are the direct result of product ratings. They range from 1-5 stars. You should aim for a rating of at least four stars to get the best results. This can help increase your product’s sales as well as improve your search ranking.

2. Research your competitors

Although you can improve your product listing without conducting a competitor analysis it is a valuable step in optimizing your product listings. A competitor analysis can help you improve your optimization strategies.

Compare the product features of your competitors and their product lists to compare yours.

  • Title
  • Images
  • Features
  • Reviews
  • Rating

These areas will provide inspiration for your team and give you ideas to optimize your Amazon listings.

If you see that many reviews are complaining about the lack of warranty on a competitor’s product you can highlight this weakness in your product description and product features by demonstrating that your product has an extended warranty.

Make your product titles compelling

After you have done your research on your competitors and analyzed your product listings, it is time to optimize your Amazon listings. We recommend starting with the product title, as this is how most guides to optimizing Amazon listings work.

  1. Follow the product naming format: Amazon does not require companies to use its preferred product title format, but it is best to follow Amazon recommendations.
  2. Use your targeted keyword at least once : When revising your product titles, make sure to include keywords that are relevant to your customers and products. You might add, for example, the phrase “ceramic pot gardener” to your product title if you sell ceramic pots.
  3. Make your title informative and compelling : To create a product title, it’s not easy. You want to use Amazon’s suggestions, include your target keyword, and provide valuable information to encourage users to click on your results.

You can optimize your product titles with several versions. This will ensure the best results. The team can then go through the different options, pick their favorites and offer suggestions.

Optimize your products with backend keywords

Optimizing your product listings using backend keywords (also known as hidden keywords) will help you increase your visibility in shopper searches. Backend keywords work on Amazon’s backend, as their name implies. They are not used in product listings.

Leverage your product description

To give shoppers more information about your product, revise your product description. Your targeted keywords can be included in your product description, just like your product title and product features.

  • Your paragraphs should be easy to read: You want your product description to work well for your customers. This is especially important for mobile users. Keep your paragraphs to no more than three lines, or even one to three sentences.
  • Use bold and italics in your description: Bold and italics can make your product description more readable and easier to read for customers. Bold or italic text is a good way to emphasize your product’s 1-year warranty and premium organic ingredients, but not too much.
  • Your product benefits should be your first line of defense. Your product’s benefits are what you should be emphasizing.
  • Amazon restricts product descriptions to 2000 characters. That’s about 300 words. These tips can be used to improve your custom content if you are using Enhanced Brand Content and A+ content amazon.

Switch your order fulfillment to FBA

Amazon uses several factors to rank product listings in search results. One of these is the order fulfillment method. Fulfillment by Amazon is a top-rated option for sellers because it maintains excellent performance metrics in fulfilling orders and processing returns.

FBA is a great option if your goal is to optimize product optimization. FBA can increase your company’s sales and reduce its workload, even though it does not include fulfillment or monthly storage fees.

Your business will be able to spend more time on developing new products, planning your next move, and managing your day-to-day operations. Your company can decide what is most important.

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