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How to claim on Mcafee refund?

People install many programs on their devices to perform different tasks. The majority of this software is free. Download the setup file and then install it. You will need to sign up for a subscription in order to access Mcafee premium programs.

A monthly or yearly license can be obtained for the program. After obtaining his license, the user can access the tools and services until expiration. Some programs include an auto-renewal option for a subscription. The subscription ends and the service renews automatically. Users do not have to go to the subscription page and manually renew their license.

If the program is automatically renewed, the user can request a refund. However, the security program must provide a policy for refunds. The user should verify the terms for renewal and refund. You can cancel your subscription if it is covered by the refund policy to receive a refund.

How to get refund from Mcafee? if you cancel your auto-renewal

To request a refund on your auto-renewal, go to the site of the program and review its refund policy. Only a handful of programs offer refunds for monthly subscriptions. Auto-renewal can be used on all plans except the yearly plan. Most programs offer a 15-day cancellation policy. The user can cancel his subscription within 15 days of auto-renewal and request a refund.

  • Visit the website of the program on the system
  • Click on the My Account tab
  • Enter your username and password
  • The profile page for your program will be displayed
  • Select the subscription tab

Go to the Contact page.McAfee refund request. After verifying your details, you will receive a refund confirmation message. You will get the refund within a few days.

Disable auto-renewal in your program

  • Go to the web and access your account for programs
  • To log in, enter the credentials of the program.
  • Select the subscription option from the profile page
  • Choose the license that you wish to cancel
  • Click the Cancel button
  • Tap on the Yes button on the confirmation page

The expiry date will be displayed on your subscription page. You can check the remaining days of your subscription. Users can now access the software with no worries.

Cancel your subscription from Android

Users can download and purchase licenses from Play Store on their phone devices. Search for programs in the Google Play Store. You will find the program if it is available on your device. If the program isn’t available on the Play Store, you won’t be able to install it without changing your settings. You can cancel the program you downloaded from the Play Store.

  • The Play Store must be opened with the same account.
  • Tap the Profile Tab
  • Click on the Profile picture
  • Choose the Payments and Subscriptions window
  • Subscribe to our Newsletter
  • Verify the license of your program
  • Choose the program
  • Click the Cancel button

Select a reason for cancelling the subscription. Click on the Cancel Subscription button to cancel your subscription. Check the Contact tab to request a refund. For a refund, please provide the necessary details.

Cancel your subscription to App Store

After the user has purchased the license, he can cancel the subscription or request a refund using the same process. This job requires the use of the same Apple ID.


  • Open your device and visit the App Store
  • Click here to view the Profile
  • Manage subscriptions by going to the subscription window
  • The list of licensed programs will be visible to users
  • Select the program you want from the drop-down menu
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Cancel Subscription

You can manually renew the program after it expires. Check the auto renewal feature before renewing your program. It should be disabled immediately after renewal. This will allow the user to access his software again without having to worry about auto-renewal.

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