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How to fix security error 8504 and 106?

Security error code 8504 is a very common problem in Norton antivirus. Many users get this error while running the security program on their devices. The error can appear when some files of Norton are not working. The user should inspect his Norton antivirus to resolve the error.

Reasons for getting errors 8504 and 106

  1. Missing Norton antivirus files
  2. Another program is interrupting Norton antivirus
  3. Your Norton antivirus is incompatible with the system
  4. Device junk is interrupting the scanning process
  5. Invalid changes on device settings

Resolving Norton antivirus error code 8504 and 106

Restart the system

When you encounter Norton error 8504 and 106, restart the device. Users can get errors while running antivirus if the resources are preoccupied. When the antivirus can’t find all the resources, it starts showing an error code. You can try restarting your system. When the error on your system is occurring due to resources, restarting will fix it. After restarting, click on Norton antivirus. Now your antivirus can easily find all the required resources and scan your device.

Remove system junk files

Antivirus often shows errors with junk files. When the program is not working, you should check for junk on the system. While scanning the device, antivirus can’t judge whether the junk files on the system are malicious or not. These files don’t cause any harm to the system but sometimes they can interrupt your processes. You should check for those files and remove them. Open your system and go to the temporary folder. Remove those files then try to run your Norton. If your antivirus is still showing error code 8504 then check the C and D drive for junk files. Remove all that junk from the device. You can open the cmd screen and run the cleanmgr utility tool. It will inspect the whole system files for junk. After scanning, it will show all unnecessary files, click on the checkboxes you want to delete. Now reopen Norton’s antivirus and run the scan.

Revert all your system changes

If you are getting error code 8504 after making some changes to your settings then undo them. Your Norton is showing an error because you have made some invalid changes that are restricting the security program. Go to the system and open the same settings page. Revert the changes and then try to run your Norton. When you can’t undo the settings manually then try to run the restoring tool. Search for Windows restores and then run the utility tool. Enter your restoring point and the tool will undo all those changes. After changing the settings to default, open Norton and run the scan.

Delete another security software

If you have recently installed a new security program on the system then remove it. The new antivirus is interrupting your Norton scanning. Never use another security program with Norton. Before installing Norton, check for the expired security program. Remove the setup and related files from the device and then install your Norton setup. 

Repair the system files 

Your Norton program can show error code 106 when system files are not working. These files easily get corrupted due to runtime errors or invalid changes. Users need to repair those files immediately. On your system, go to the system files and then check for all the errors. You can use the sfc/scannow utility program for repairing those files. After running this tool, restart the device and then open the Norton program for scanning.  

Uninstall conflicting program

Few Norton users get the error 8504 while they are running a particular program. Whenever they run that application, Norton starts showing an error code. This occurs when the running program is malicious. Users should check for the program’s update. If available, install the program’s update and then run it on your device. If your Norton antivirus is still showing the error message, uninstall that program from the system. Remove all of its files and run a Norton system scan.

Reinstall Norton antivirus setup

If you are unable to fix the 8504 error code on the Norton program then reinstall the setup. You are facing the error due to missing program files. The easiest method to repair the error is by reinstalling the setup. Remove your corrupted Norton program and then reinstall a new setup on the system.

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