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How to choose the Best Room Heater under 5000?

Winter has come; sweaters and jackets may not be enough to cope up during these freezing months. Thanks to the rise of technology, room heaters help you keep warm throughout the season. It works on different principles and technologies. It has a different way of functioning and spreading the heat across the room. Room heaters can help keep not just an individual, but an entire room warm for a longer duration.

Using a room heater is the best choice during the cold months of winter. You have to choose from a wide variety of room heaters. Its features vary according to varying price ranges. Room heaters from top brands are available for under Rs 5000. There are certain things you should consider before buying a room heater which helps you buy the best product. Let’s look deep into some of its important features.

Types of room heaters

There is a numerous range of room heaters available in the market. Room heaters can be classified mainly into three categories based on their heating technology; they are Conduction heaters, Radiant heaters, and Convection heaters.

Convection heaters or fan heaters: These room heaters are a great choice. These heaters come with an electric coil that generates the heat and then the generated heat is blown using a fan.  They are portable; you can store them when not in use. These room heaters are preferred for medium to large-sized rooms. This is the most popular type of heater across the globe. These heaters are very affordable, which makes them even more popular.

Radiant heaters or infrared heaters:  This heater is ideal for small rooms. It functions based on infrared radiation. It uses halogen rods to radiate heat without using a fan. These heaters don’t have a fan so that they won’t emit much noise. These heaters are very energy-efficient. It has an automatic heat control feature that makes it safe.

Conduction heaters:  These room heaters are the best choice for larger room spaces. This kind of room heater spreads heat through a metallic coil. It first heats the nearby areas and gradually spreads the heat across the room. These heaters retain heat for a longer period even after it’s turned off. These room heaters have a longer life span.

Things to consider

Room heaters are a necessity these days to keep you warm during the winter days. Let’s look into some of the main features to consider while you purchase a room heater.

  • Size of your room

Consider the size of the room before buying a room heater. This helps you buy the right type of room heater.

  • Type of heater

There are different types of heaters available in the market. Size of your room, energy-efficiency are some of the factors to consider while choosing the type of heater.

  • Multiple heating elements and temperature setting

Buy a room heater with multiple heating elements as it helps heat the room faster. And choose the one with different temperature settings so you can set it accordingly, and it’s the ideal choice.

  • Timers

Timers automatically turn off after the prescribed time. It helps you save energy and it’s also very convenient.

  • Wattage and heating capacity

Check the heating capacity of the room heater. Some heaters spread the heat uniformly across the room, while some room heaters provide instant hot air. So, choose the room heater accordingly. A room heater with higher wattage produces more heat. Higher the wattage, the heating speed will also be higher. Look for the energy ratings of these room heaters before buying them.

  • Energy-efficiency

Compare the energy- efficiency of heaters. Most portable heaters don’t have energy-efficiency ratings. These heaters have additional features like quick heating, energy-saving mode, and timers which help you save energy.

  • Safety Features

Consider the safety features of room heaters. Some room heaters have cool-to-touch surfaces and other advanced technologies which reduce the risk of fire and shock.

  • Thermostat control

It is an essential feature to consider before buying a heater. Monitoring the required temperature for a room heater is really important. This feature helps maintain the temperature as per your convenience and comfort. The one which provides precise thermostat control is ideal.

  • Portability

Go for portable a room heater as they are easy to carry around. It comes with an in-built handle.

  • Noise level

A room heater emits noise while they are functioning. Go for a room heater that produce less sound so that they won’t interrupt your sleep cycle.

  • Cord length

Always check the length of the power cord before purchasing a room heater. A room heater with a longer cord makes it easy for you to place it wherever you want, even if you don’t have a plug point nearby.

  • Budget

It’s better to compare the prices of room heaters before buying them. There are lots of price comparison websites. You can even purchase online at exciting price deals. Even the room heater from top brands come under Rs5000.

  • Warranty

Buy a room heater a from well-reputed brand. Go for the one which provides a good warranty. Make sure that its parts are covered under warranty.


Room heaters have become an essential part that helps us cope up with cold days. Thanks to the rise of technology. These heaters come with in-built handles which makes them easy to carry around. Consider the size of the room and where you are planning to place the heater, and buy accordingly.

Buy a room heater that perfectly fits your budget and gives a satisfying performance. Consider the features mentioned earlier and buy the one which provides a good warranty. Even the room heaters from top brands come under Rs5000. You can even compare the prices online as there are many price comparison websites available online, and purchase the product at the best price deals.


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