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Choosing a straight shower bath for a flexible solution

There are many people around the world who would like their bathroom spaces to reflect who they are as well as their tastes. Thermostatic power showerheads have now been included in shower customization. A straight shower bath is one of them. People are beginning to install electric power showers in their homes; because they offer several features that ordinary water dispensing heads do not have. This type of enclosure has a standard water supply outlet; which simply allows water to flow onto the person standing under it. The water can direct to a certain extent by adjusting these standard items.

Advanced choices of showers

  • Electric power showers are becoming increasingly popular in some parts of the world; allowing users to control the amount of water that flows out of them. There is a very light flow of water at about five litters per minute, and you can increase that flow up to about fourteen litters per minute with the help of these devices. As a result, you can truly customize your bathing experience.
  • For some people, a lighter flow of water is more comfortable on their skin; while others prefer the full force of water to hit them like massage jets. As a result, you can control the amount of water you use during your shower, and that’s a great feature. As a result, you’ll save money on your water bill.
  • If you want to take a hot or cold shower; your electric power devices will never allow you to do so. No matter what happens; these devices have been programmed to produce a perfect mix of hot and cold fluid and to keep that mix constantly emitting. The temperature of your bath water will remain the same if someone in another room turns on a tap.
  • Where the cold-water supply abruptly cut off; the device would stop working completely; so that you wouldn’t be burned by hot water coming directly from your hot water heater. It will shut down if the hot water has interrupted; so, you don’t get a cold-water bath.
  • To install these devices; the home does not need to wire with specialized wiring. As an example, in the United Kingdom; most homes have already wired and ready for the addition of these items to the bathing area.
  • These devices can be added to straight shower bath and to bathtub/shower combinations. In solid white or chrome, they will look great in most bathtubs.

A flexible solution

straight shower bathsBasically, it is a straight bath with a shower at the tap end. This is a good option for those who don’t need a lot of shower space, or who prefer to bathe instead of a shower. Nevertheless, shower baths offer much more than just this basic design. As with a straight shower bathtub; the “space saver” design has tapered at the foot to save you floor space; without compromising on the width of your shower area. Bathrooms designed in L or P shapes extend the shower area by 10-15cm; while maintaining standard bath width the rest of the way down.

Despite their different shapes, L- and P-shaped baths offer the same amount of elbow room for showering. So that your bath can coordinate with your bathroom furniture or your floor or wall coverings; if you so choose, bath panels are widely available in both designs and styles.

For elderly or mobility impaired householders who find it difficult to enter and exit a standard bath; the walk-in shower bath provides a handy solution. These baths have a door in the middle of the bath so that the user can walk through it by opening the door. They prevent water from escaping during bathing and showering, making them the ideal solution for accessible bathroom access.

Straight shower bath at the Royal Bathrooms

It’s worth considering installing a full-size shower screen that encloses the entire bath area if you’re in it for the long haul and have fitted a powerful shower, perhaps powered by a pump to boost your existing water pressure. This is the most expensive solution, and it could be a little overwhelming in a small bathroom. Check straight shower bath online!

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