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How Do You Secure A Metal Door?

If you tend to lock yourself in the house and don’t want to kick panic room doors or something similar, this can be a real lifesaver. Most people have a standard sliding door lock, and burglars like to get in and are prone to it. If you have a window in the lock and your door is unlocked, someone can access your house and break in through the window.  

You may have seen you lock your door to prevent a burglar from entering, but when that happens, you realize that it will not stop them from breaking through the door. 

You can reassemble your door hinges

One can imagine a burglar opening the door and unlocking the hinges and frames. If the hinges on your door are directed inwards, your door is at risk of burglary. To prevent this vulnerability, you can reassemble your door hinges so that they point outwards and reinforce them with non-removable pins.

Undermine security by using a spring-loaded locking device

Once you have secured the door hinges and locking plates, the next weakness that cannot be addressed is the door construction and the locking fittings. On top of that, whatever the way or direction in which they are opened, bad door locks are not effective in securing your front door. Even if you have found the best way to secure the door, you still can undermine security by using a spring-loaded locking device, a bolt or a locking handle. 

Protective layer with a bolt lock positioned about 6-8 inches from your door knob

Once you have locked your door knob, you can add a second protective layer with a bolt lock positioned about 6-8 inches from your door knob. The best way to secure your front door is by using a dead bolt lock, which is the strongest type of lock and the shortest of commercially available locks. 

With a bolt that has a longer bolt than a button lock, it is more difficult for a burglar to spread the door wide and open it. Some people mount a double-cylinder latch with a 40-inch glass door lock. 

When intruders try to force their way into your house, the steel bolt jams into the bolt and hits the plate in the door frame. The harder an intruder strikes, the stronger they will get in the way of your home and the harder the dead lightning will strike. A well-designed bar works best when used against intruders to drive them away.  

Plate installed in your doorpost

You can also benefit from a bolt with a reliable closing plate installed in your doorpost. For homeowners who have already installed latches for locking their doors. You can increase the overall strength of your door by supporting the latch plate. This allows you to continue to use the door as you are accustomed to, while adding a closing plate gives you an additional layer of security.  

Install and wrap the door rebar plate and reassemble the bolt and the locking mechanism with long stainless steel screws. You can also change the screws and hinge reinforcements on both sides of the door. By using screws in the frame of your door, you can distribute the impact of the strike. And give immense power to your door.  

It is fastened to the frame with bolts and latches and does not distribute any force when entering the door. The best way to secure a door is to compromise the way in which the protective cover is fastened with the lock. The characteristics of your chosen lock and the way you lock them are the best way to secure a door.  

Silk panels

Starting with the frame of your door, which is usually reinforced with a standard wooden structure. You should consider removing the small screws that are attached to the plate and replacing them with 3-inch screws. Use longer screws to make sure the silk plate is attached to the bolts in the wall. Not to the thin door frame.   

With longer silk panels, you can use more screws to attach them to the door frame. Longer strike plates can be used to build the best way to secure a door first. But you can increase the number of screws that connect the strike plates to the door frame with longer blows. Instead of using long screws to fasten the plates, consider installing elongated silk plates.  

This screw length makes it through the bolts of the door frame and into the anchor. This will make entering the door much more difficult. Than replacing tiny screws that are less than 2 / 4 inch screws.  

Attach  entire door frame to the metal wall bolts

If you decide to replace the entire door frame with a steel frame, attach it to the metal wall bolts. Also if your door is fastened to the frame with 3-8 1 / 2 inch screws, these screws will secure your closing plate. If the front door is made of metal or wood, it makes little difference. But if there is a hole, you have to install a new bolt that you have not cut. 

All in all

A burglar can fend off an attack with a button lock by using a credit card. Or similar item to press the lock and open the door. If the door has a button lock, it is possible to open the latch. But because the latch is short, it will not hit the plate and will hold even if real force is applied. 

Source: secure-house.co.uk

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