How Do I Start an LLC in Dubai?

LLC Company setup in Dubai requires at least 2 or a maximum of 50 shareholders. The liability of each shareholder is limited to their share in the capital. LLC company setup in Dubai has less start-up cost and offers 100% access to the marketplace. It allows them to do business in Dubai and they can import-export freely. 

 Over the years, the investors from all over the globe have been very keen about setting up a company in Dubai. Most of them prefer an LLC company setup because it is flexible for business activities.  

 For an LLC company set up in Dubai, 51% of the shares must be held by a UAE National. The investor can own the remaining 49% shares of the company. GCC Nationals are allow to own 100% share of the company.  

 Investors must acquire a trading license from the Department of Economic Development (DED) for setting up a company in Dubai. The required documents must be check twice and submitted on time to acquire a license. Business setup consultants at Shuraa can assist you with the application process to obtain your business license in Dubai. 

What is The Process for LLC Company Setup Dubai? 

To make it easy for you, we have listed the steps for setting up a company in Dubai below: 

  1. Select a name for your company in Dubai. Make sure to come up with something catchy yet easy. It’s important to avoid the use of any controversial or religious words in the name of your company. Once you decide upon a perfect name, get it legally register. 
  1. Decide your business activities. It’s mandatory to select business activities from a list of various activities provided by the DED. 
  1. Choose a location for your LLC company setup in Dubai. You can decide to set up your business in mainland, free-zone or offshore. Accordingly, as per your business activities, you must rent an office in the selected location. Once that is done, register with Ejari to get your tenancy contract and your unique code for future reference.
  1. Submit an application and all the required documents to acquire your business license from the DED. It is advised to check all the documents twice to be sure before submitting them.
  1. After you have submitted all the documents, you will get initial approvals and permissions from respective legal authorities and departments. 
  2. Once your application and documents are approved by the DED, you will receive an email with a link provided for making payment. Trading license for an LLC company setup in Dubai costs approximately AED 24,683.
  1. Acquire your Certificate of Incorporation. 
  1. Draft a Memorandum of Association and make sure all the partners sign it. 
  1. Submit copies of your business partner’s passports and visas. 
  1. Obtain a labour card and finish off the rest of the legal documents process. 

What are the required documents for an LLC company setup Dubai? 

The list of documents required for setting up a company in Dubai is as follows:  

  1. A copy of passports of investors
  1. A copy of the passport of the local sponsor.
  1. A duplicate copy of the manager’s passport. 
  1. You will need a no objection certificate if any shareholder or manager is working in any other company in the UAE.
  1. You need a copy of your Emirates ID.
  1. Fill the application form provided by Dubai Economic Department.
  1. Valid tenancy contract for the Office space, warehouse or showroom. 
  1. Verified Memorandum of Association. 

What Are the Benefits of Setting up an LLC in Dubai? 

  1. You are entitle to 100 percent repatriation of capital funds and profits. 
  1. There is no specific minimum amount require for capital. 
  1. Investors can easily acquire an investor visa. 
  1. There is no limit for the number of offices that can be setup by the company in the UAE. 
  1. According to the space of your office, you can obtain as many visas as required. 
  1. Investors can easily acquire resident visas for their family members. 
  1. You have the liberty to open global and corporate banks with ease. 
  1. There are very limited restrictions on the types of business activities that can be undertaken. 
  1. It is not necessary to involve a local partner in the daily business activities. 

 What is the cost for an LLC company setup in Dubai

The cost of an LLC company setup in Dubai depends on various factors. It can vary according to the legal structure of your company, under what jurisdiction you choose to operate, the official location of the company and the size of your company (no. of employees). Though, setting up an LLC company in Dubai can cost you approximately AED 28,560. 

Connect With Shura 

To set up an LLC company in Dubai can be a long process but it can be made easy with help of expert business consultants. We at Shuraa Business Setup provide you complete assistance for setting up a company in Dubai. From paperwork to application till issuance of your trade license, we will take care of all. All you have to do is connect with us.  

Connect with Shuraa today by calling us on +971 44081900. For chat assistance, send a WhatsApp message on +971 50 777 5554. You can also write to us at


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