Honda Activa 125 vs Yamaha RayZR 125: Key Difference

When it comes to the 125cc scooter, the Honda Activa becomes a preferred pick among customers. The Yamaha RayZR is an entry-level offering, which shares the engine with the immediate offering after Ray ZR, the Fascino 125.
On the other hand, the 125cc Honda Activa slots itself above the sixth-generation Honda Activa. For your reference, there are two options in the Activa series: a 110cc scooter and a 125cc scooter. Moreover, Honda bikes have proven themselves to be reliable while producing impressive mileage figures.
Both scooters are more or less the same in terms of features and specifications, but the Yamaha RayZR might be a better package than the Honda Activa.
Further, these two scooters are good for beginners and are pretty much budget-friendly, especially for those who are looking for a scooter under Rs 1 lakh.
So, let’s begin weighing these two Japanese two-wheelers and see how both square off with each other.

The Powertrains

Honda Motors built the Activa 125 on Honda’s in-house developed underbone chassis, which supports a 124cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. This engine is further tuned to produce 8.18 bhp at 6500 rpm and 10.3 Nm of peak torque at 5000 rpm. Check out the Honda Activa 125 price on the autoX website.

On the contrary, the Yamaha RayZR is developed on Yamaha’s in-house designed lightweight frame, which is designed to carry a 125cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that is tuned to pump out 8.04 bhp at 6500 rpm and 10.3 Nm of peak torque at 5000 rpm. With a slightly high engine output, the Honda Activa 125’s mileage shouldn’t be a concern, as its output is similar to the Yamaha RayZR 125.
Weighing their engine outputs, the Honda Activa 125 should be a clear winner, especially in a drag race. Please note that races should not be conducted on busy roads or in traffic. It will be best to do it in a controlled environment, and that too under an expert’s guidance. If you are a performance-oriented buyer in this segment, so this 125cc Honda scooter should be your pick. Check out the location-based Activa price on the autoX domain.


Like other scooters in India, these two 125cc scooters are also equipped with a CVT (continuously variable transmission) automatic gearbox. This gearbox unit is cost-effective and mileage-friendly. That is why many two-wheeler manufacturers offer a CVT in these budget scooters.

As far as fuel efficiency is concerned, there are no ARAI-certified mileage figures for these two Japanese scooters. However, you can get real-world mileage output, as reported by the owners of these scooters. The Yamaha RayZR’s mileage is rated at 52 km/l, while the Honda Activa 125’s mileage is rated at 48 km/l. And if you want mileage, the Yamaha is your scooter. Do check out the RayZR price on the autoX domain.

Please note that these mileage figures can vary with local traffic conditions and individuals’ riding styles. Just so you know, the engines powering these BS6 two-wheelers have fuel injection technology in them. This technology offers a clean and controlled fuel supply system, due to which these BS6 two-wheelers have high fuel efficiencies, are less jerky on hills and cold starts, and provide a linear delivery even on an inclined surface. Speaking of which, the central government of India ordered all two-wheeler manufacturers to use fuel injection technology while producing BS6 engines. Now, fast forward to 2023, the BS6 compliance has received a phase two update in which all 2023 manufactured two-wheelers will have a self-diagnosing device (OBD2) that monitors the emission levels.

Moreover, most two-wheeler manufacturers won’t retune the engine output, as their main objective is to meet the new BS6 (Phase-2) guidelines. There will be several Yamaha bikes as well that will receive the updated BS6 engine units.

Fuel Tank Capacity

Last but not least, the Honda Activa 125 has a marginally bigger fuel tank capacity, of 5.3 litres than the Yamaha RayZR 125’S 5.2 litres. At the same time, you can consider doing interstate journeys on these two scooters, as their mileage outputs won’t let you lament the running costs. As far as the range is concerned, the Honda Activa has a range of 254 km, while the Yamaha Fasacino 125’s range is rated at 270 km. These are also as per the reports from the owners of these two Japanese scooters.
Compare the RayZR 125 price with the Activa 125 on autoX.

Now, let’s keep the engine output aside and jump to the other technical specifications.
The Yamaha RayZR 125 has a telescopic fork at the front and a unit swing at the rear. This same suspension configuration is on the Yamaha Fascino. The Honda Activa boasts telescopic suspension at the front and spring loaded hydraulic shock absorber at the rear. The Honda Activa might offer a better and more comfortable ride over the Yamaha RayZR125. The unit swing, which is also known as Swingarm suspension is also found in other mass-market two-wheelers. Both scooters have proven to offer comfort and that is why they are among the bestselling bikes in the country.

Yamaha RayZR 125 [2023]


Moreover, the suspenion setups on these two budget-friendly scooters work in tandem with disc-drum brakes and dual-channel ABS. Please note that the dual-channel ABS can be optional. But it is worth mentioning that when dual-disc brakes work together with dual-channel ABS. It can reduce the chances of mishaps, as it can prevent the bike from making a stoppie or skidding.
Moving further, the Honda Activa has a tyre profile of 90/90 R12 and 90/100 R10 at the front and rear, respectively. Yamaha RayZR bags a tyre profile of 90/90 R12 and 110/90 R10 at the front and rear, respectively. To your knowledge, a broader rear wheel will always offer better stability, especially at high speed, and that too, around the corners.
So, these are a few technical specifications of these Japanese scooters. You can access the curated list of features and specifications and compare bikes or any other vehicle on the autoX website.

Prices and Variants

For starters, let’s talk about the Yamaha RayZR 125. The 2023 RayZR has four variants on offer. The Yamaha RayZR 125 price starts at Rs 82,730 for the base model. Hybrid Drum, and goes up to Rs 92,530 for the top model, the Street Rally Hybrid.
In parallel, the Honda Activa 125’s price starts at Rs 77,743 for the base variant, the STD (standard), and goes up to Rs 84,916 for the top model, the DLX (deluxe).
All are ex-showroom prices, New Delhi, as of February 2023. Please note that these prices are subject to change without any prior notice to the customer. You can, however, visit the autoX website to access the latest location-based price list for your dream vehicle. For more information, visit our website or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. You can receive alerts for the latest job opportunities, online giveaways, and the latest automotive-related content. So, stay tuned!

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