5 secrets of the Toyota Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser has been and is a key model in the history of Toyota. This vehicle has contributed like no other to the brand achieving international fame and being associated with reliability and robustness.

This article presents five secrets of the Toyota Land Cruiser that you may not have known and should know. Since although many fans think of other models when they talk about Toyota’s most important vehicles, such as the Supra, the Corolla, or the Celica. It must be clear that probably none of them would have existed if not for this legendary and long-lived 4×4 that has been key in the company’s history.

We take advantage of the fact that the Japanese brand has presented the new Toyota Land Cruiser at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 to tell you a series of facts and curious aspects of the Land Cruiser. A model that stays away from the fashion of SUVs offering authentic off-road capabilities. Thus continuing to bet on the characteristics that have made its predecessors triumph. Although without ceasing to evolve to improve in many other aspects. Moving onto our next topic you need know from where you can buy your new Toyota Land Cruiser. Farago Motors, do visit them to know more about them and what other models they are offering to you.

The Land Cruiser is the oldest model in the history of Toyota

When you think of the oldest model in the history of Toyota. Names like the Toyota Corolla or the Camry may come to mind, two cars that enjoy great popularity globally. However, the Land Cruiser is the longest-running in the Japanese giant’s product range, already adding more than six and a half decades of life.

To know its origins, we have to go back to 1951 with the Toyota Jeep BJ. Which began to be manufactured in 1953 and which, contrary to what you might think. It has nothing to do with the famous American firm (apart from being a 4×4 created with military purposes). The use of the word Jeep in its name caused Willys Corporation to sue Toyota in June 1954, and Toyota changed the name to Land Cruiser in 1955.

A decision was taken by the technical director Hanji Umehara, who years later, in 1985, explained in an article in the Toyota 4×4 Magazine the origin of this terminology. That is now famous throughout the world: “In England, we had another competitor, the Land Rover. I had to find a name for our car that sounded no less worthy than our competitors. That is why I decided to call it a Land Cruiser“.

Land Cruiser Helped Toyota Achieve World Fame

After World War II, Toyota tried to expand into European markets, but local and American manufacturers already took these. To this must be added the reluctance of consumers to buy products from an unknown brand and that also came from a country that until recently was considered an enemy. So Toyota decided to focus on other regions, such as the Middle East or Southeast Asia, betting on the Land Cruiser as the model to make the brand known.

Over the years, the Land Cruiser’s now-legendary reliability and ruggedness carved out for decades. And generations in the most inhospitable environments on the planet was instrumental in the company successfully introducing conventional cars. All in all, we can say that Toyota would probably not be what it is today without the Land Cruiser.

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It is a 4×4 capable of facing real adventures.

This model’s evolution has undergone since its appearance is brutal, going from being a rough and straightforward 4×4 that lacked any element of comfort to becoming an off-road vehicle capable of facing the same adventures while entertaining its occupants with a comfortable, spacious cabin. Luxurious and technological. When SUVs are increasing, most of which are conventional passenger cars with higher headroom and bulkier bodies. There are few such vehicles left.

The key to its exceptional off-road capability and ruggedness to tackle all types of travel is in its side member and cross member chassis. The Land Cruiser rests its body on a solid structure that is particularly resistant to torsion. It is also essential in the ride comfort it offers on all types of surfaces by isolating the passenger compartment. From the chassis and the vibrations that occur when driving on uneven surfaces.

To all this must be added that it has a permanent four-wheel-drive system, with a reducer. In combination with the advanced off-road driving assistants, this model can overcome almost any obstacle with astonishing ease. The comprehensive suspension articulation is also vital. It will enable the wheels to stay in contact with the ground longer. And their ground clearance and attack, ventral, and departure angles.

Sold in more than 190 countries around the world

Did you know that the current Toyota Land Cruiser is sold in more than 190 countries worldwide with hardly any modifications? It is one of the few models on the planet that you can buy in almost any international market. Which has also contributed to making it one of the favorite options for the most adventurous.

And is that, being available on all continents (except Antarctica, of course), those who decide to undertake trips around the planet can find spare parts or assistance for the Land Cruiser almost anywhere. Of course, it must be clear that not all Land Cruisers are the same; there are versions and models more appropriate for these purposes than others. As we explain in the next and last point.

The Land Cruiser name brings three different vehicles to life.

Although there was only a single Land Cruiser, this name gives life to three different vehicles: the Land Cruiser 200, the Land Cruiser 70, and the Land Cruiser Prado. The latter is sold in Spain as a dry Land Cruiser and derives from the Land Cruiser 70 introduced in 1984, which is still manufactured with its two rigid axles. Being able to mount six-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines in line. As well as a V8 turbodiesel similar to the one on the Land Cruiser 200. Sold here but with a single turbo instead of two, among other changes.

But it is that in addition to having three different models. Each of these Land Cruisers is offered in different versions, some more oriented to luxury and comfort and others designed. For example, be used by non-governmental organizations. And that lack almost any element of comfort beyond air conditioning or electric windows. And this also applies to the Land Cruiser that they sell here (the Land Cruiser Prado), which is available in some places even with a naturally aspirated diesel engine with only 94 hp of power that has nothing to do with the powerful 177 hp 2.8 turbodiesel that equips in Spain.


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