Writing and Speaking

How to heal by writing?

There are times in life when we have a hard time expressing how we feel to others, for a variety of reasons.
It is difficult to talk about your problems to others because we have to take a distance and perspective to bring them up.

What you can do when you are not well

When you’re not doing well, there are several ways to get back on your feet:

  • be in contact with nature,
  • walk in the forest,
  • clean your garden,
  • to cook,
  • speak,

  • But, we can also WRITE.

You don’t have to be an established, publically recognized writer to write.
We can all write for ourselves because it feels GOOD.

Put WORDS on your HORSES.

Write to heal yourself

There is no need to master writing techniques, nor to pay attention to your spelling.
It is about writing to heal oneself, to get better, How to start a Wikipedia page for someone to distance oneself from what is happening to us.

Take the time to put down on paper what bothers us, what annoys us, what makes us unhappy.

Possible supports

Of course, you will rather take a paper medium that goes without saying.
The one you want.
A beautiful notebook with a nice old-fashioned cover, yes.
A leftover notebook or notebook, if you will.
You don’t need to invest a lot of money to write.
This activity does not have to be expensive, writing techniques but you have the right to indulge yourself if you wish.
A few pages and even a Bic pen are enough.

Regardless of the medium; what matters is getting out what is inside you that is blocking you.

The best way to write

The best way to write in handwriting is to connect the letters together and attach them.
Because by connecting them together, you thus connect your thoughts while drawing your letters.
It creates a bond.

Writing is like drawing.

Remember our first writing books with single lines, and the beginning of some letters!
Avoid using your computer, as this tool is too impersonal; you simply type the keys.
Now, in this process, your body has to go through the writing techniques by hand; your body needs to coordinate with your thoughts and feelings.

Your mind will react along with your body. The two are linked.

To start, write a letter

To get started, you can write a letter to the person who is causing you pain.
Obviously, you will not send this letter.
The person concerned will never read your reproaches and all the emotions attached to them.

You write for yourself, to heal yourself, to get better.

Writing liberates.

Once the letter is completed, you burn it.
The energy of fire will calm you, soothe you.
Know that this exercise can make you go through painful moments, episodes in your life that you will go through again.
Be confident: putting them down on paper will free you from the emotional dose felt during the events you have been through.

Free your emotions by writing!

I can only advise you to write letters or short texts to express everything that is wrong in your life.

But then you write everything on your HEART! You swing, what!!


Nothing else matters.

Writing is care, it’s therapeutic.

writing techniques using this free thought resolves problems.
Step by step. Step by step.
We must let go of everything.
Don’t be afraid to drop everything.
Don’t be afraid of being rude or vulgar.
The anger must come out.
It’s fire, anger.
It’s not good for your body to keep all of the negative in you.
You block your body, your mind does not move forward.
You end up creating pathologies for yourself by keeping everything within you.

Be in harmony with your body

When you write, you are with your body.
You become one with your body, like an artist with his favorite subject.
The movement of your hand accompanies you.
When you write, Wikipedia writing service you clear your mind and take a step back.

And you breathe while writing.

Your breathing will match the movement of your hand.
It is very much like meditation.
Your breathing will become slower, calmer as you write.
It doesn’t matter if your handwriting is readable or not.
Whether you stick to the lines or not.
If you are using a thin pencil or a large felt-tip pen.

Start writing!

I completely agree with you: it is not easy to start writing.
But, it is the first step that counts; the first letter, should I say!
Like the runner who has never run and who starts running and enjoys it!

Your writing is your mirror.

We form letters unconsciously.
And then, after a while, I’m willing to bet you’ll put the words down more easily.
The more you do this, the easier the exercise will feel.
It’s like any activity or practice.
It’s hard at the beginning, and with training, we overcome the hesitations at the beginning.
You then take time for yourself; even if it sounds selfish to you, it is not.
No more than going to a gym.

Let yourself be guided!

Your pen will guide you.

At first, you will try to control it; then, very quickly, the ideas will follow one another.
What is fascinating is that you can write everywhere.
Always carry a notebook or other small support with you.
This is what makes it so charming: Digital Marketing to concentrate on oneself while forgetting for a time the surroundings, the outside noise.
The word ‘resilience’ is the ‘buzzword’.
Writing techniques is one of those therapeutic techniques that allow us to repair ourselves.

You reflect on what you say to calm your thoughts down.

Make writing a game.
A challenge.
A goal.
And why not a passion?


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