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The Significant Reasons Why Your Self-Published Book Isn’t Selling!

The trend of hiring book publishing services to publish your book has become increasingly popular in recent years. So, you are not alone if you have self-published a book and are having problems selling it. Moreover, it’s more complicated than ever to market books these days due to a very competitive market. Many writers put forth a lot of effort to bring a book to life, only to have it lie unread on virtual bookshelves. It’s a horrible situation. They think that merely putting it out there publicly would bring it to readers’ attention.

However, the unpleasant reality is that if you want people to buy your book, you must proactively design a marketing plan and should advertise it in a way that it reaches your target audience, which is sometimes more difficult than authoring the book itself.

So, here are some reasons why your book may not be reaching readers if you are experiencing poor book sales.

You Are Not Putting In Your Efforts To Reach Your Target Audience

Outreach can refer to a variety of things, but in general, it entails contacting everyone in your connection who might be able to help you in promoting your book. For example, do you have a large family and circle of friends that would be interested in your book? Do they have a huge network with whom they would be prepared to share it? That’s the most accessible place to begin. 

Many writers hesitate to ask for help from individuals they already know for fear of asking too much or appearing self-centered. Still, it’s vital to remember that people in your network are typically eager to help you. It’s fine if you don’t get any assistance, you can alternatively hire professional book publishing services and can rest easy as they have professionals destined to make your book a success.

You Are Not Promoting Your Book Efficiently

It’s a fantastic idea to try Amazon advertising if your book is published on Amazon. The beauty of advertising on Amazon is that their consumers are there to buy, not just browse, so if they stumble across your book while looking for a similar book, they may just add it to their basket and give it a try. Amazon advertisements are affordable, and you can target them based on search phrases, similar products, or a combination of the two.

Most importantly, you need a little expertise in this before designing and running successful campaigns. However, if you don’t have the desired skills, you can hire professional book publishing services to make your advertising campaign a success. Moreover, the disadvantage of advertisements is that you need to constantly monitor and make amendments to your Amazon marketing campaign. Getting your ads to function appropriately requires some upfront study as well as regular tweaking, but the upfront investment and time may frequently pay off in the long term. Also, Book proofread and edit your book before publishing. Here are some tips

Ads offer the advantage of getting your book into the hands of readers who would not have found it otherwise. And if they enjoy it, they will tell their friends, write a review, and so on. So, even if your advertising breaks even or costs a little money for every sale, it can provide intangible benefits that you could have never imagined otherwise. 

Your book Doesn’t Have Enough Customer Feedback

As an author, you are undoubtedly well aware of the value of receiving positive feedback on your work. However, you will want as many 5-star ratings as possible if you rely on Amazon for sales. Whatever you think about reviews, if a potential reader comes across your book and it doesn’t have any, they will most likely purchase the one that does.

It’s important to include a review request in your book and other social platforms for your target audience as a part of your outreach strategy. Because Amazon’s technology is so sophisticated, having your friends and relatives do it can be difficult at times, but it’s worth asking them to try. It will work half of the time!

The Description Of Your Book Isn’t Catchy 

If people find your book on your website or on Amazon, the next step is to convince them to purchase it. The cover drew them in, and now it’s up to the description to seal the sale. They will probably keep looking for their next book if your book description isn’t intriguing enough or appropriately portrays the message of your book. Remember that your book description should tempt people to want to read more, so don’t be hesitant to give out any story points to capture their attention.

You Don’t Have An Active Social Media Presence

Many individuals, even authors, despise social media. But it’s a necessary platform these days, and it can be a fantastic marketing tool for your book. While building a loyal social media following might be difficult, keep in mind that you don’t need millions of followers to be successful; all you need are a few hundred individuals who are interested in your book and what you have to say. They will interact with your material, and if it resonates with them, they will purchase your book.

Moreover, if you have a solid social media presence, you can also run advertisements on your page or website or even directly on your Amazon book page if you like. Moreover, you can hire book publishing services. They also feature a professional marketing team to handle all your social media handles and post fascinating content to spread the word about your book.


It’s acceptable if you have committed any of the aforementioned errors! There is still time to alter your path, and there is no better moment than now to begin. So, plan your book success journey, and decide whether you want to hire book publishing services to do the legwork for you or would put in the efforts yourself. It’s on you to decide. Wishing you and your book a long and successful journey!

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