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A Good Hospital Greatly Contributes in Improving Patient’s Health

If you live in Multan or in its suburbs and want to know about the best private hospital in Multan. Then you must read this article. Punjab is a densely populated province of Pakistan. Rather it is the province that has the largest population in Pakistan of 110 Million. The total population of Pakistan is 207.8 Million so you can have an idea of how many citizens are residing in the province of Punjab. The figures mentioned above are about that region of Punjab which is a part of Pakistan. Almost half of Punjab is part of India as well. 

Which are the major cities in south Punjab?

Talking about south Punjab, there are two major cities in the region. One is Multan and the other one is Bahawalpur. Both the cities have their great significance in history. Bahawalpur was a princely state at the time of partition and reflects royalty in its culture, art, and tradition. Multan is also a city of great significance. Due to its geographical position, it has seen a number of conquests. Because it is the city that connects the West with central Asia.

The enriched culture of the city speaks for itself. It is the 7th largest city in Pakistan. Multan is also known as the city of saints because it has shrines of many Sufi saints. Multan has come a long way since Pakistan came into existence. It has developed infrastructure and has advanced education and health facilities.

Which is the best hospital in Multan?        

Well, at the beginning of the article, I asked you that if you want to know about the best private hospitals in south Punjab then this article would help you. Because the list of the best private hospitals in south Punjab is as follows.

  • South Punjab Hospital
  • Alkareem Medical and Surgical Complex Hospital
  • Dost Plaza Hospital
  • Nishtar Hospital
  • Al Khaliq Hospital
  • Chughtai Medical Center
  • Medicare Hospital
  • Prime Hospital
  • Strides Health Care Hospital
  • Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital

This is the list of the best private hospitals in south Punjab. Most of these hospitals are located in Multan. If you want to know which one is the best hospital in Multan? Then I would suggest Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital which is also known as MASH. 

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital is one of its kind health care units in Multan

MASH is backed by the Trust MAST, Mukhtar A. Sheikh Trust. The Trust is devoted to making south Punjab prosperous. The Trust has also opened a school to promote education for young girls in the region. Now even those girls are getting educated who never saw the face of any school ever.

The Trust is of the vision that a society can only prosper if everyone is provided with equal opportunity to get an education and has easily accessible state-of-the-art medical facilities. Hence, the Trust has opened MASH. 

MASH is super equipped with the latest medical equipment 

MASH is a 500 bedded hospital with the best medical facilities available complying with international standards. The hospital has a competent and experienced team of doctors who treat the patients to the best of their abilities. MASH has many departments operating which cater to a range of diseases. This greatly eased out the natives. 

Why is MASH the best hospital in Multan?   

If you ask about the reason why MASH is the best hospital in Multan then one of them is that it has all the latest and state-of-the-art medical facilities available. The second one is that it has the best team of doctors. The third is that it is the largest hospital in Multan and operates 24/7 with a well-equipped and devoted emergency department. The fourth would be well-trained and learned paramedical staff.

MASH has a well-trained paramedical staff    

Mukhtar a. Shiekh fully understands the fact that any tertiary health care unit can only run on the shoulders of a well-trained and learned nursing staff. MASH has established a nursing school on the premises of the hospital and makes it compulsory for any nurse serving in the hospital to have certification from the institute. The hospital also organizes interactive sessions for nurses with international paramedics to enhance their knowledge and experience.

All of this greatly facilitates the patients and gives them a good experience improving their health. MASH is certainly not only the best hospital in Multan but Pakistan.

MASH is a great contribution to the health department of the country.  Due to this tertiary health care unit, there has been a major improvement in the living standards and health of the people. As a result of which the Pakistani society is flourishing and moving ahead in every possible way. The dream of MAST to have a prosperous south Punjab is going to benefit not only this region but the whole country. 

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